Why Are Women Better At Learning Languages?

Why are women better at learning new languages?

The ease of learning languages is gender inclined, and there are many pieces of research to prove this statement. Various websites have also conducted surveys that have led to one conclusion: yes, women are better at language learning than men. Why? Read on to find out more!

The Processing in a Woman’s Brain is Different


Although the brain structureis similar for both genders, the language processes comprehended by females and males are different. Various studies have found that men use only the right side of their brain, while women make use of both left and right side. The left side of your brain is linked with processing logical and analytical functions, but the right side is connected with orals, visual, non-linguistic, and other such functions. Since a woman uses both sides of her brain, it helps her decode languages faster than her male counterpart. In addition, women become more engaged and creative while learning and have a more efficient learning process, while men learn better with auditory and visual functions. This is because their brains focus more on the presentation of the words.

Women Have A Habit Of Using More Learning Strategies


Females have a habit of holistic learning, and they take more interest in learning about the speakers, culture and traditions of the country of the language of which they are learning. There are four critical skills of language learning, speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Women typically use all these necessary skills along with some vital language elements like proper pronunciation, proper grammar, vocabulary, and so on, while men only stick to their familiar methods of study. Men are more naturally inclined towards practical methods of study.

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Use Of Better Key Learning Skills


Studies have found women tend to absorb better what they hear. They are also keen observers of bodily gestures and facial expressions, and hence they have better communication and communicative skills. This hones their listening skills. Also, their translation skills. That is why the percentage of female translators prevails. Consider it while seeking a translator at Spanish to English translation services or localization assistance.

In the same way, being more comfortable with conversation, women also harness their speaking skills better. They can accurately interpret the tonal variation of the speaker, the volume, and the pitch of speech. Women also nurture their speaking skills by engaging themselves in more discussions, asking for more details and are more direct in their speaking. Women are equally found to be better in their efforts of learning. When learning a new language,it is undeniable to make mistakes. This might be an embarrassment for a man, but for a woman the drive for communication is more, and they will be less affected by this hindrance.

Women Are Reported To Be More Motivated Towards Language Learning

Motivation is the key to learning. As per numerous reports, women have enjoyed the process of learning a new language. Either for communicating with their cross-country in-laws or for moving to a new country, they embraced the technique of learning with fun. But the same reports claim that men only learned for work-related communications or travel purposes.

Bottom Line


These are only a few reasons for the question stated above, and many studies are being conducted to date to test this theory. These reasons are clearly based on generalizations, and yet more is to be found with research. If you are a male reading this please don’t be disappointed. While gender is certainly a factor for learning languages, you too can be great learners with the practice of language skills!

Carl Hill is a career adviser and holds talks on matters revolving around career. He is also a long-timer in freelance translation services. He started as a bilingual language teacher, moving on to build a successful career as a freelance translator. Currently, he is also doing reviews of online translation and content writing services.
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