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Twisty Petz collectibles-hottest new toys for 2018

Twisty PetzTwisty Petz has been named one of the hottest new toys for 2018! These new collectibles are so popular that the single packs are on back order at Amazon.

Twisty Petz by SpinMaster are cute collectibles that transform from adorable animals into beautiful bracelets with a simple twist.

Kids can collect over 70 animals in rainbows, pastel, gold and pearlescent finishes! Connect a few Petz together, and they can even create a fabulous necklace or bling for their backpack.

They are simple to change from a bracelet to pet. They come packaged already made up as the pet.

To create the bracelet you simple pull or stretch it apart. It pops open to reveal a straight line of beads. You then fasten the end of the tail into the top of the animals head, which creates to create a loop bracelet.

Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz
Creating it back into an animal is more difficult and Miss P needed some assistance from daddy to complete the task.

The process is fairly straightforward. You pop the circle beads into the sides of the largest ball shaped bead and twist around until the ‘legs’ are created.

Despite the fact we have twisted them repeatedly they are still going strong! The only thing I did notice is that the elastic does loosen over time.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that Miss P is a huge fan of collectible toys. Being almost six and loving everything girly she is also a huge fan of jewellery.

Being that SpinMaster has combined two of Miss P‘s favorite things into one awesome product I was pretty confident knowing that Twisty Petz would be a win with her.They didn’t disappoint! The Twisty Petz have been a big hit in our house.

Mini Twisty Petz

Kids will enjoy the fact that you can also get mini Twisty Petz as part of the Twisty Petz range.These are considerably smaller and come in a pack of four. Connect two twisty Petz babies together and design a bracelet!

With a range of characters to collect, Twisty Petz are a wonderful new collectible. They encourage imaginative play as well as assit children with dexterity and hand/eye coordination skills. The bracelet pets are available to purchase in single packs or a package of three. In the pack of three, one Pet is a surprise.

The real fun in Twisty Petz is you can create open-ended adventures wherever you go as this is a toy that you wear. Not to mention they make a great fashion accessory.

As the Christmas season approaches we think that Twisty Petz would make a wonderful gift or stocking filler.

What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Twisty Petz collectibles-hottest new toys for 2018

  1. I love all things pets! This would be such an awesome gift for a little one who loves animals as much as I do.

  2. Well now isn’t this a creative toy,my grandkids would certainly enjoy making an animal into a bracelet…..I wanna try it myself,it sure to make a cool gift !

  3. Oh wow how cool are these, so awesome that you can make an animal out of your bracelet, my granddaughter would love this

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