The Magical Tale of Santa Dust - A Christmas Tradition

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust

The Magical Tale of Santa DustAhhhh, the anticipation of Christmas! Like other children my daughter is excited about Christmas and we have been celebrating the excitement since the 1st of December when she opened her advent calendar. As we countdown the days until Christmas why not add a new Christmas tradition to your home. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust – A Christmas Tradition, is a wonderful story written by Patricia Cardello and delightfully illustrated by Manuela Sorian.

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is the magical tale of tow small children who, on Christmas Eve, sit by their window eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa, only to be bypassed on his yearly journey. With the help of a funny elf they use a bag of Santa Dust to make their Christmas wishes come true.

The beautifully illustrated children’s book comes with a velvet pouch of Magical (non-toxic) Santa Dust. You hang the pouch onto your tree until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, parents read the story to their children.  Children then sprinkle the Santa dust on the ground outside their house so that Santa may find his way on Christmas Eve.

Our ThoughtsThe Magical Tale of Santa Dust

I love adding new Christmas books to our collection. “The Magical Tale of Santa Dust” is the perfect addition. Not only is it a wonderful heartfelt book,  but the magical tale of Santa dust creates a new Christmas Eve tradition for my family. One I know will be enjoyed year after year.

Miss P can’t wait to sprinkle the magic dust outside on Christmas Eve so that Santa can find our home.

Any child who believes in fairy tales, magic and dreams coming true – will believe in The Magical Tale of Santa Dust.

After all, as my five year old daughter will tell you ” Santa is magical.”


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The Magical Tales/Magic Dust products are not recommended for children under the age of 3. Contents: Magic Dust, Santa Dust, Magical Reindeer Dust, Easter Bunny Dust & Halloween Dust contents consists of glitter & MAGIC! Birthday Dust contents consists of multi colored confetti & MAGIC! Magic Dust products are non-toxic and non-consumable.

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