What to Do With Family Photos

 photo albumsPeople love to take pictures, largely because it helps to refresh our memories and reminds us of the good times we’ve had with family and friends. Other than looking through old photo albums, we don’t find much use for those family pictures. That’s why some people are turning to crafts to find new ideas for their family photos. Here we bring you some DIY photography projects. We hope they will answer your question  what to do with family photos?

Create a Copper Frame

All you need for this project is a stained wooden frame, some copper wiring, and clothespins. Run the copper wiring back and forth across the opening in the frame in a zigzag manner, fastening the wiring to the back of the frame at random points. You can then use the clothespins to fasten the pictures to the copper wiring. By using clothespins, you’ll be able to switch out photos without ruining them.

Photos on Glass

More recently, acrylic sheets cut to size have been popular to print photos on too. Having your best family photos printed on glass is a great way to preserve cherished memories. In fact, photographs on glass could be considered a throwback to how families historically viewed their precious photos, as the popular photography techniques of the 19th century involved glass plate negatives. Fortunately for families in the modern era, a glass printed photo won’t be the only copy of the image in existence. Everyone in the family can have a copy of their own.

Decorate the Cover of Your Journal Decorate the Cover of Your Journal

This will require cutting up some family pictures, but, if you’re wondering what to do with your best pictures, this might be an option. Cut each picture into small circles and glue each circle to the cover of your journal. You can add as many circles as you like or use a variety of shapes, depending on your tastes. This also makes a great gift for a college student.

Create a Rustic Collage

If you’ve come across an interesting tree branch, you can now put it to good use. Run string from the branch and use paper clips or clothes pins to attach each picture to the string. You can design the strings to run down parallel or tie them together to create a design of your choosing. When you’re ready for a change, switch the photos out for different ones.

Give Old Clothes a Fresh Lookshirt

You can transfer any photo to fabric, but, for this method, remember that the image, along with any writing that appears on it, will be reversed. First, coat the photo with a generous covering of gel medium. Press the picture against the fabric just as you want it transferred and let it dry overnight in this way. The next day, wet the photo with water from a spray bottle and use your fingers to peel the paper from the fabric. Rub the surface gently to coax the paper to peel away. Some pieces may be more difficult to remove, but rubbing too hard can cause the image on the fabric to be removed. Afterward, an additional coating of gel medium can protect the image on the fabric. This can be used on clothes, comforters, or any other fabric you choose.

Make a Map Collage

If you like to travel and have photos of your journey, you can make a collage that shows your worldly experiences. You’ll only need an old map, your photos, scissors, and glue. Take your favorite photo from each destination and cut it out in the shape of that city or state. Glue it in place on the map, covering that destination. This can be a work in progress that you can display to show friends where you’ve been.

Eat Your Photos

Edible sheetsThat’s right. Bakeries can now turn photos into edible sheets that can be added to cakes, so the next family occasion will be more special. Edible sheets can be added to birthday, wedding, or anniversary cakes. You can even take this edible image project on by yourself.

These are just a few unique ideas that can help you derive even more enjoyment out of your favorite photos. If you’re into crafts, you may find many more ideas for your family pictures. While uploading them to social media is one way of immortalizing them, turning them into craft projects can be a more rewarding experience.

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