How to Make the Perfect Linkedin Headshot

How to Make the Perfect Linkedin Headshot

Your online profiles and persona are very important parts of getting a job today. Employers and hiring managers will look at all of your profiles to gain a sense of who you are, but especially LinkedIn. This can help them learn more about your experience, and the connections you have made along the way.

But in addition to the content on your LinkedIn page, you also want to make sure that your photo looks good. It needs to be professional, high-quality and show you off in the best light possible. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over some tips on how to make your profile picture on LinkedIn look its best.

Retouch/Edit your Linkedin Headshot

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While it would be lovely if everyone was capable of taking a perfect photo every time, this isn’t often the case. Many people don’t love how they look in photos, and it can take a while before they find a photo they are happy with, if they ever do.

A great way to help your photos look better is to edit or retouch the photo. This can fix any small problems you may have with the picture, and ensure it is ready for your LinkedIn page. Editing is easy with this headshot app by Facetune, and it won’t take you much work or time to make your photo perfect.

These apps can help smooth out skin, remove blemishes and even add a little light retouching to help you look your best. Of course, be sure to keep the editing relatively light, as you still want the photo to look like you.

Choose the Right Lighting

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There is no doubting the importance of light in photography, and this includes when taking professional headshots. Lighting helps you look better, and ensure the photo comes out as professional as possible. While natural light works great in many photos, artificial lighting setups are often used in professional headshot photography.


The light should often be in front of you, and either behind or on the camera. It should be bright enough to fully illuminate your face, but not too bright that it washes out your face or makes you squint. Be sure to try out different lighting until you find what works best for your photo.

Experiment With Different Poses/Angles

How to Make the Perfect Linkedin Headshot

The perfect LinkedIn headshot to add to your profile won’t happen immediately. It can take a lot of trial and error to find the right one. To speed up the process and increase your chances of success, you need to experiment with different angles and poses.

Even a slight change in the angle of your head or position of the camera can have major results. Try out moving the camera side to side, change up the height, and change how you position your body, head, and chin. Now, be aware that it can take time to find your angle, but it can certainly be done and will ensure your photo looks both great and professional.

Mind Your Background

The background of any photo is an important, yet often underrated, aspect. After looking at the subject of the photo, many people’s eyes will be drawn to the background. While you might want an exciting or unique background in an Instagram photo, for your LinkedIn profile, you want to go a different way. It should look good, but remain plain and not distract from the photo.


In most cases, a simple and plain white or grey background is best. It will look good, without taking too much attention from you, the subject. Something like an office in the background or a tree can be fine, but you want to keep the background from being too busy.

In conclusion, we hope that these tips and ideas have been able to help you take and make the best LinkedIn headshot possible.

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