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Turn photos into home décor with custom pillows from Mr. Nutcase. Personalized photo pillows make heart-warming gifts. Personalized Photo Pillows Choose between a linen oblong cushion or a linen square cushion. Suede cushions are also available. From pictures of the grand-kids to pictures of the pets, they’ll cherish a personalized photo cushion, because of just how personal it is.

The photo I chose for my personalized cushion gift  is a photo my brother took of some sunflowers in his backyard.

Unfortunately, the photo printed someone saturated and, therefore, took away from the brightness and con-tress of the original photo in my opinion.

Nonetheless, the pillow itself is of good quality and quite soft. What’s nice about the personalized throw pillow is that it is washable! The outside of the pillow comes off and can be washed in the washing machine if need be.

Creating the cushion online was super easy. First choose your personalize pillow. Once you have chosen your pillow, the online editor opens and you can upload your photo. Mr. Nutcase gives you the option to upload from Facebook, Instagram or your computer. Once your photo is uploaded, drag on drop it into the editor. Ensure your image reaches the pink line by using the zoom buttons. Once you’re happy with your design you add it to your basket. You’ll be given a preview of your design pillow before you save your design.

Custom PillowsIf everything looks good, hit buy. Mr. Nutcase accepts both credit card and Paypal. Pillows are $43.31 Canadian, plus $11.98 shipping to Canada. We found this to be a bit more expensive than some of the competitors, but then when you factor in you are getting a larger pillow things factors out. Despite the highest cost  of the pillows, shipping to Canada was very economical. In fact, they charge less for shipping compared to many Canadian printing websites.

Other personalized photo gifts are also offered by Mr. Nutcase. I also ordered a personalized mug from the site and the image printed beautifully I might add, so the printing quality on the pillow might of just be an error.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Nonetheless, I would definitely order from Mr. Nutcase again. In fact I have my eye on the Floral Design Tea Lovers Set, Coffee Hampers – Leaf Mug and the Personalized ‘I Love’ Vanilla Scented Candle. I think the candle would be great for Valentine’s Day.  I know I am getting ahead of myself here.

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