7 Money-Saving Tips during Your Move

MovingRelocation always requires a lot of expenses and time. Especially when you buy new house or apartment or even if you rent it, you need to spend a lot of money to prepare your new home for living in it or buy some new furniture or anything else. So, nobody likes to pay a high price for relocation services and everyone would like to save own budget during this process.  Thus, we gather a list of working ways how to spend less when moving.


Make the Move YourselfMoving

One way to save money on your move is to do all the heavy lifting yourself instead of hiring a moving company. Keep in mind that this will require considerably more planning and effort on your part, but it is a good idea for people on a budget. You can usually get friends or family members to help, especially if you buy them dinner afterward!


Hire a Driver Only

uhaul If you’re not confident about making a long drive in a large moving van, you also have an opportunity of just hiring a driver. You’ll still pack and load your belongings yourself, but someone else will come and drive the moving truck to your new destination. It is also a great option if you need all your drivers to drive your vehicles to your new home. Thus, it’s much less expensive than hiring a moving company to do all the work.


Take as Little as Possible

yardsaleYou can cut down on a lot of moving costs if you get rid of your excess belongings before the move. Extra belongings mean more work for a moving company (if you hire one) and a bigger, more expensive truck. On long-distance moves, heavier trucks will also mean significantly more gas money. Hold a yard sale before you move, and you’ll even get little extra pocket money to help with the move. Or donate your lightly used belongings to a local charity.


Time Your Move

Sometimes deciding when you move isn’t up to you, but if you get to choose, try to go during the off-season. Movers are typically busiest during the summer, so make your move during the fall or spring instead. For longer trips, you’ll also get the benefit of lower hotel and gas prices. You may also save money if you move during the week instead of on the weekend.


Don’t Buy Boxes

MovingIf you plan, there is no reason to buy boxes for your trip. Boxes can cost more than $2 each, so moving your whole house can easily cost anywhere from $50-$100 in boxes alone. Instead, visit local retailers and ask them for boxes. Grocery stores, clothing stores, and office supply stores are good places to start. You may even find some getting thrown away at your job.


Find Alternatives for Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is another item most people overspend on when they move. Although it can come in handy for some of your most delicate possessions, it’s often not needed at all. Instead, wrap your breakable items in old newspapers, clothes, towels, and bedding. This will also use fewer boxes and less space, making your move even easier and less expensive.


Get a Refund

Many people look at homes for sale because they are moving to a new job. If you’re moving because of work, you can often get compensated for some or all of your moving expenses. First, ask your new employer if they will cover your expenses. This is a good question to bring up during your interview, if possible. If your employer doesn’t pay for your move, you may still be able to receive some compensation from the government. You should be able to deduct your moving expenses from your next federal tax return as long as your move was work-related.


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  1. These are good ideas, and I had no idea you could hire a driver. I wonder how a person would go about that. I’d like to look into it.

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