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Blendy Pens review- Chameleon Art Products Giveaway

blendy pensThe arts is a essential part of learning. With so many schools here in Ontario cutting art programs due to funding, my husband and I are doing our job as a parents to expose our daughter to different areas of the arts. Supplementing my daughter’s art education at home starts with a good home arts and crafts stash. I am constantly adding new art materials to my daughter’s art supplies. It would appear companies are always coming out with fun new art supplies for kids. Our latest addition to our arts supply collection is Chameleon Kidz Color Blendy Pens.

With 24 Blendy Pens, children can make 276 different color combinations, plus the markers change from one shade, tone, or color to another for even more fun.


“Chameleon is focused on creating art products that allow everyone to achieve more with less,” touts Julia Benben, Innovation Director at Chameleon Art Products. “With art education often cut in schools, this provides a great alternative to teach art in a fun and unique way. It allows kids to learn important art fundamentals while they play and helps develop their creative spark.”

How to Use Blendy Pensblendy pens

Blendy Pens allow children to blend two or more colours in a single pen, for amazing colourful results. The Blendy Pens also function just like a regular marker for endless coloring. The colored markers come paired together already with the “fusion chamber” connecting them.

To make them work you give the pens a twist and that forces the felt tips to touch. The results are blue on purple, yellow on orange, grey on pink, etc. The pen on top bleeds or “fuses” its color into the pen on bottom. It takes about three seconds.  Then disconnect the Blendy pen you want to use from the fusion chamber and you are ready to color.

To get the pens to give a blend effect you need to shade side to side. My daughter has not learn the concept of shading yet, therefore this was difficult for her. Regardless, she has spent hours using the pens on all kinds of art projects since they were delivered.

Blendy Pens Jumbo Kit

Blendy PensThe Blendy Pens Jumbo Kit includes 10 posters, 2 stencils, 1 art portfolio and a Blendy airbrush.Color the posters and they reveal hidden patterns, which my daughter finds amazing. The customizable art portfolio is perfect for storing pens and completed and uncompleted art! My daughter couldn’t wait to color this.

The Blendy Airbrush was very difficult for my daughter to use, and she needed my assistance. My daughter simply did not have the lung capacity to blow through the airbrush tool. You can use Blendy Pens on any surface that you use regular markers on,. However, we find that the air brush effects works better on paper.

I  recommend when using the Blendy Pens to use an art mat- such as Messmatz. They are good for protecting the table when using the Blendy Airbrush effect. I also find that after using Blendy Pens for some time, it is hard to get the ink off your skin. It takes lots of soap and water and some rubbing alcohol to remove.

Overall Opinion on Blendy Pens

blendy pensPicasso used several fairly distinct colour phases throughout his career. My daughter is a young Picasso. She loves experimenting with colors and it is not shocking to see a multi colored princess in her work.

Blendy pens allows her to go beyond just coloring to expressing her own personal voice in each piece of art she makes.  The pens are super versatile, and she has used them on so many different art projects. She even has taken two regular markers, touched the tips together, in hopes they would blend.

I think art materials like Blendy pens make great gifts for kids for Christmas. You can always bundle a set of Blendy pens with other art supplies for the ultimate art gift kit.

Kids point of view: Miss P says that she likes Blendy Pens better than her other markers.

Thank you to toys and games expert Lisa Orman for introducing us to Blendy Pens.

About Chameleon Art ProductsBlendy Pens

Formed in 2013, Chameleon Art Products is comprised of the same visionary team that is recognized worldwide for bringing high-quality, creative pen products to the market for more than 20 years. The company prides itself on developing real innovation that enhances the end user’s ability to maximize creativity in all aspects of their artwork. For more information, visit


Blendy Pens Christmas Giveaway

Blendy Pens Jumbo KitChameleon Art Products wants to add to your arts and crafts stash. That is why they have partnered with Today’s Woman and we are giving away a Blendy Pens Jumbo Kit to one lucky Today’s Winner. Giveaway is open to US and Canada only and you must be 18 years or over to enter. One person per household may enter.

Blendy Jumbo Kit Giveaway

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27 thoughts on “Blendy Pens review- Chameleon Art Products Giveaway

  1. We would make birthday cards for everyone in our family, and art is very important in school because it teaches kids how to be creative and use their imagination.

  2. I would love to make some art and put it in a frame. I think it would be fun to create a scene for each season and display them all together as a set.

  3. wow these are awesome I would love a set of these for my self, my daughters and granddaughter, lol. thanks for the chance

  4. We love making cards for our family and friends and these markers would be great to use! I think fine arts is important to teach because it encourages the mind to think in a different way. Thanks!

  5. I would be creating my own Zen paintings. Fine arts is essential in school because it will help students use another part of their brain aside from just logic.

  6. I think fine arts are so important for kids. Drawing is fun and a great way to express yourself. I think my boys would draw a city with this. They love to build roads with their tracks. I think they would draw cars, roads, buildings and people to make a city.

  7. My kids would use these to make ornaments. Yes I think it’s great for kids to have art in thier curriculum because it give kids a way to bring out thier creative side.

  8. I know my daughter, she loves drawing loves art, she would want to create christmas ‘pieces’ for gifts for her siblings! Art is so very important, our children need to be taught about creativity and how to utilize it!

  9. I would like to use the Blendy Markers to create some Christmas tree decorations. I also think that fine arts are very important for development and learning in all other areas.

  10. I think fine arts are important. Fine arts are relaxing and a great outlet to take away some of the pressures from academic studies. Art teaches them imagination to think outside the box and also helps develop neat penmanship. I would use the colouring pens to do crafts with my grandchildren. They love making posters, cards and colouring in books. They would also be great for colouring clothes for the paper dolls we make.

  11. I would use them for Christmas cards and ornaments. I think expressing yourself with drawing is an excellent way to be creative.

  12. We would use them in a scrapbook. I think it’s very important for children (and adults too) to take the time to make things beautiful. We learn these things when we’re young and carry them with us to adulthood. So fine arts in school are vital.

  13. I love doing fun art projects with my little grandson.We are creating a craft project book right now.He traces his hands for example and we color them .We have made some reindeer, turkeys ,hearts and so on. with craft paper and coloring pencils. We then tie them together with ribbons.It would be fun to make some with the blendy pens.

  14. I would create some picture when my great niece is over, she loves to draw pictures of her family and their horses

  15. I think it would be fun to create some pictures with my niece that we could frame for her room. I think fine arts are important in school because they encourage creativity, imagination and helps with fine motor skills.

  16. My granddaughter and I would make lots of original pictures for her mom and dad!! these are so awesome and she would love using them!!

  17. I think I’d use these first on some adult colouring books I’ve got. Then, I’d gift them to my nieces who I’m sure would create some free-hand masterpieces. Art, like music in schools, is super important. It encourages creativity, and gets kids away from screens.

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