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Teepee Tent from Kamp around the Crib

Kamp around the Crib teepee tentRecommended for children age 3 to 12, Kamp Around The Cribs tents are the ultimate addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. Standing almost 5 foot tall each teepee tent features a graphic image on the outside, accompanied with a large round soft mat for the ultimate in comfort.

This tent is so cool that your child will never want to leave their new favourite cozy play space. For young children the teepee tent doubles as a mini-napping nook. And it is large enough for indoor camping. The roomy interior of each tee pee tent is big enough for more than one child, to pile in for hours of fun. As your child gets older,  their teepee will become a quiet destination for solitude. They can use it as their own personal reading nook. My daughter absolutely loves hers.

Kamp Around the Crib tents come in a compact box with a handle and all the components needed to assemble. A large soft Kamp Around the Crib plush round rug, and LED night light are also included.

The teepee tent isn’t difficult to assemble. Simple connect the wooden pole  without the joint to the wooden pull with the joint, Once all poles are connected put the connected wooden poles through the inside tunnels of the tent, starting from the bottom and one by one.

Place the floor cover caps at the end of the inside tunnels where the wooden poles have just been placed. Hold onto all the wooden poles vertically and place the holder parts on the top by matching the poles with the holes. Insert the led lamp at the center of the holder parts.

Kamp around the Crib TentAfter forming your tent shape with the 6 wooden poles, fasten the zipper and place the remaining joint part on the top of the wooden poles.

Place the wooden poles in the joint parts with the left poles overlapping the right poles.

The final shape should form a hexagon with each pole crossing one another.  Place the cord through the loops at the top and wrap the wooden poles together and tie. Place the tent where you want it to go and place the hook at the front, fix the entrance to the tent and your child is ready to play.

Each teepee tent is made of a high-quality flame-resistant fabric. Designed with pockets on the inside to store things, the tee pee tent features a  partial zipper and Velcro closure for the ultimate privacy.

What kind of sleepover would be complete without staying up late swapping stories? The teepee also comes with a multi-color lighting fixture that secures to the inside centre of the tent.  The night light provides a warm glow to illuminate even the darkest nights. The night light comes with a remote making it easy for me to turn off the light once my daughter has fallen asleep.




I love that the teepee tent is super light weight and easy to move. For easy storage and portability, the tent even comes with a cotton canvas carry bag.

The tent cover is hand wash only and is to be hung in the shade only to prevent fading. The included round rug is 1600mm in diameter, providing lots of place space or room to lie down.

With a little imagination my daughter’s bedroom has turned into a  beach and campground for her barbies, a cave that offers a place to hide from the imaginary monster roaming around outside, and a last a castle for the princess to sleep in.

Kamp around the Crib TentWe own the Pink Dream teepee tent which features sheep on a soft pink background. With so many gorgeous designs available for both boys and girls, you are sure to find the perfect teepee play tent. If you don’t have children, no worries. My son has informed me that a Kamp Around the Crib teepee tents would make the ultimate Pet Teepee.

Kamp Around the Crib™, helps baby to get psychological stability through independent space. Their tents are available via Walmart Canada.  To learn more about Kamp Around the Crib please visit https://aroundthecrib.myshopify.com.

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