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Knife Sharpener by KITCHEN COPAIN

Knife sharpenerThere comes a time in the life of ever knife when it becomes dull and increasingly harder to cut with it. There is nothing like cutting a steak with a dull knife. Not to mention dull knives can be extremely dangerous. Even the best knives will dull over time with regular use. My husband spent many years of his life working as a sous chef, so at home he has a large selection of kitchen knives and chef knives. Up until recently all we owned was a so-called sharpening steel, ( the metal rod sold with most knife sets). However this doesn’t really sharpen a knife, but rather it hones the edge of a slightly dulled blade. I was looking for an inexpensive manual knife sharpener to sharpen his expensive, high-quality chef’s knives. The Knife Sharpener by KITCHEN COPAIN fits the bill and is simple to use.

My husband had the sharpener out of the box the moment it arrived and went to work sharpening his knives. There is 3 slots on the knife sharpener. You insert the blade into each of the slots and run it back and forth, from heel to tip. About 10 strokes on the 3rd slot gave the edge a reasonably smooth finish. It even removed minor notches that were in the blades.

It also works well on our ceramic knives. The non slip bottom on the sharpener offers a secure, stable, confidence-inspiring grip. Tall walls hold the knife steady so that you draw the blade through the chamber with even pressure. There is less risk of cutting yourself like there is with the metal rod sharpener.

Be sure to properly wash the knives after sharpening to remove any shavings.

When it comes to kitchen cookeries  only the best kitchen tools will do. Overall this Knife Sharpener is a great option for someone who wants to personally care for his or her knives in a “hands-on” manner. Because the knife sharpener is compact and small it fits easily into a kitchen drawer or you can leave it right on your counter top. For the price, it is really worth the money compared to other more expensive sharpeners on the market. Definitely a very good product.

You can purchase the Knife Sharpener by KITCHEN COPAIN via

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