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Kiss Naturals DIY Beauty Kits for Girls

Thanksgiving is over here in Canada and the count down to Christmas has begun. Please do not shoot the messenger. If you want to get a jump start on your holiday shopping and are shopping for a child six and over then these all natural beauty kits make a great gift idea. Kiss Naturals DIY beauty kits contain all natural ingredients and are made right here in Canada. Whether you are conscious about what goes onto your child’s skin, or your child is just discovering things like lip balm and bath bombs, making your own beauty products at home is a rewarding use of time and teaches children math and science.

Choose from Kiss Naturals DIY lava lip gloss, Kiss Naturals lip balm, Kiss Naturals bubble bath kit and so much more. Here at Today’s Woman we have owned several of the Kiss Naturals kits over the last couple of years and just love Kiss Naturals DIY beauty kits.

Kiss Naturals Bubble Bath Kit

pre-bonded hair extenstionsThe process Kiss Naturals Bubble Bath Kit is simple, fun and easy to follow. The kit comes with everything you need to make your own bubble bath. While the recommend age for the kit is six and up my almost five year old daughter needed very little help and had lots of fun with this DIY bath set.

First: Pour 30 ml of bubble bath base into the included measuring cup. Select your choice of fragrance and add 10 to 30 drops. Next: Add 0-20 drops of coloring to the measuring cup depending on how dark you want your bubble bath. You can combine scents to create your own fragrance.

Next: stir with the included stir stick. Carefully pour the mixture into one of the included bubble bath bottles. Place the cap on tight.  The bath kit makes 4 bottles of bubble bath.

Bubble bath

The bubble bath smells great and leaves the bath water brimming with bubbles. My daughter loves taking baths, over showers  The bubble bath kit was such a hit that she couldn’t wait to take a bath, so that she could use her new bubbles.

Kiss Naturals Hair Chalk Kit

Hair Chalk ReviewThe hair chalk kit comes with everything you need to make 6 chalks (each one a different color). You get 6 mold trays, 6 packages of powder to make the chalks, water to mix with the powder, a mixing cup, and spoon.

Measure out the water in the measuring cup, add the powder and mix it up. Place the mix into the mold and let it sit for 2 hours. After 2 hours pop it out of the mold and you have hair chalk. Then apply to your hair like any other hair chalk. The kit comes with detailed instructions with pictures that are super easy to follow.

From Christmas holidays to snow days, insure your child isn’t bored with Kiss Naturals DIY beauty kits.



We want to give one of our lucky Canadian readers a chance to win a DIY bubble bath kit from Kiss Naturals. You can enter below.  If you don’t have any kids to gift it to, perhaps you can enter and donate it to a Christmas sharing program in your area should you win. Good luck everyone.

Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit Giveaway

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44 thoughts on “Kiss Naturals DIY Beauty Kits for Girls

  1. I would buy the bath sizzles kit, because it’s something I would love to make! I love the kits because it teaches our kids what can go into products, and that they can actually make their own!

  2. I’d love to try the glycerin soap making kit. I love that these are fun for kids and they’re not full of scary chemicals.

  3. Omg!…the bath fizzle kit for sure!…I can see the enjoyment in my grand daughter’s eyes!…all of them!

  4. I would like to try the GLYCERINE SOAP MAKING KIT. I like that the products are fun and natural and started in Canada.

  5. All of it looks like so much fun…The lipgloss kit especially. I like it’s a safe project for children to enjoy.

  6. The Glycerin Soap kit looks really neat. I think it’s nice that they can make and use it.

  7. I like the bath fizzies and the glycerine soap kits. They both look like fun kits. What I like best about Kiss Naturals is they are non toxic and they do not do animal testing on their products.

  8. I think the lip balm kit is really cool! I love that Kiss Naturals allow the kids to make their own beauty products!

  9. oooo the Bath Fizzie Making Kit by Kiss Naturals sounds pretty cool. I love that these products allow for children to create their products before playing with them and safe for them to do so

  10. I would love Kiss Naturals DIY Bath Sizzles for my granddaughter. My granddaughters would love to make and use the bath fizzi. They are all wonderful kit!

  11. My girls love lip gloss so I am sure that they would love to make their own with the Kiss Naturals’ Lip Gloss Kit.

  12. The lip gloss would be awesome. They could be little gifts for any little friends! Lol
    I love the fact they are made with natural ingredients.

  13. I would also love to try the glycerin soap makig kit. I love that Kiss Naturals encourages kids to be creative and create something.

  14. I’d get the Bath Fizzies kit for my nieces. I think they’d love making their own products. And it would keep them busy :0

  15. I think the BATH FIZZIE MAKING KIT BY KISS NATURALS would be great. Love that they contain natural products.

  16. I would purchase the Kiss Naturals DIY Bath Sizzles. I like that these kits are a fun craft that I could do with my little grandson.

  17. The Fizzie bath soap looks like it would be fun, these are great kits for the kids to make their very own concoctions

  18. I know my daughter would love the bath fizzie kit by Kiss Naturals. She would never get out of the tub.

  19. My daughter got the hair dye/lip gloss/perfume trio last year for Christmas. She loved it! I am sure she would love these kits too! Especially the Bath Fizzies!

  20. Another one I’d like is the GLYCERINE SOAP MAKING KIT BY KISS NATURALS. The thing I love most about Kiss Naturals is that they don’t add fillers, additives, dyes or synthetics to any of their products.

  21. I love the bath fizzie kit by Kss Naturals. It’s fun for the kids to play with Kiss Naturals line of beauty kits.

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