Deluxe Cosmetic Case

Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case

Deluxe Cosmetic CaseTweens can be a difficult group to please when it comes to holiday shopping. Makeup kits designed for young girls are a great option for tweens who are just starting to get into makeup, since they provide some coverage while being lighter than adult makeup kits. The Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case ensures she has has all her cosmetics in one handy case.

Inside the metal case there’s a mirror, two lip glosses, 20 colors of eye shadow, two blush colors, four cosmetic brushes, three colors of nail polish, and a nail file.

With a wide palette of makeup options, she can experiment with colour and learn the basics of makeup styling.

There’s also an inspiration sheet that gives her tips on how to apply eye shadow and nail polish correctly. Learning to put up makeup is important to young girls, and the guide will set her on the right track.

Also included in the Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case is  a Hair & Makeup Dream Guide. The mini magazine introduces her to hair and makeup artist, showing them that their interest in hair and makeup can lead to a full-time career as a stylist and makeup artist.

Parents will be pleased to know that the makeup in the kit is made from non toxic ingredients and the makeup comes off easily with soap and warm water. The colors are light and soft, which is perfect for tween girls.

Over, this is a great starter kit for young girls who are beginning to experiment with makeup.  The Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case is for ages 8 and up. BE sure to check out the make it real beauty collection.

About Make It Real

Make It Real manufactures and distributes beautiful, compelling product for tween girls around the world.  From magazines and online video content featuring the lives of young creative professionals to an app with live instructions and the ability to interact with our design team, Make It Real is developing an unrivaled experience for creative tweens.


Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case Giveaway

We have partnered with Make it Real Play and are giving away a Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case. This giveaway is open to USA residents 18 years and over only. Good luck!

Deluxe Cosmetic Case from Make It Real

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4 thoughts on “Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case

  1. i love the Deluxe Cosmetic Case from Make It Real. it has a lot of great products and colors in it. i can see my daughter enjoying it! i hope santa brings her one!

  2. this is super cute , my Niece would totally love this , thanks for the great review 🙂 great Christmas gift for her !

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