Top 5 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

Sprucing up your home is a good way to improve its general beauty and value. This can be a challenge for anyone that is working on a budget. Here are top 5 things that you can do to update your home without necessarily spending a lot of cash.

1.Painting the entire house

 Graco X5 paint sprayer One of the things that may make your home look unpleasant is old paint. In certain cases you will notice staining in particular areas while other parts of the wall may have paint peeling off. To correct this situation, you need to select the right type of paint for your home. Start by visiting a local paint store to check some of the paint products that can give exceptional results without costing too much.

Consult an interior designer for some ideas on the best colors to use for your home. That’s if you do not already have anything in mind. While at the paint store be sure to check out the Graco X5 paint sprayer to help give you that professional touch. A fresh new coat of paint will always make the house look clean, appealing, and give the biggest bang for your dollar.

2. Install new knobs and hardware.

Like most houses, your own home probably features old cabinets that may have broken knobs, worn out shelves, squeaking doors and faded window panes that make for an unpleasant sight. Instead of overhauling everything consider the hardware that is conspicuous or in direct view and purchase new replacements. You can do this yourself or hire an expert. With new window panes, knobs and properly polished hardware your home is starting to come along beautifully.

3. Crown molding can add positive effects

crown moldingFor most people crown molding is a challenging task. This is due to the fact that walls are flat making the process of nailing quite difficult. However, if you can endure the challenge, you will be able to create an exceptional appearance for your home. The key to getting it right is to install trim on the walls and ceiling first before you add the crown. Before you go shopping for crown molds be sure to take measurements of the walls because this will help guide your product choices. Cover exposed parts of the wall when installing crown molds to avoid staining.

4. Backplash with added beauty

For most people, a backplash is purely installed to protect the various surfaces of the kitchen from coming into contact with liquids that may cause staining or greasy effects. While that is fine, you should make sure that your own backplash has more value by choosing quality materials. A quick search through online stores should show some of the materials that are available for a backplash. Choose a material that is beautiful and durable like: granite or a durable laminate.

5. Better flooring

ceramic tilesThe floor is one of the most visible parts of the house which is why you should consider doing some upgrades to it. The use of new ceramic tiles is particularly a cheap alternative and can take a day or two depending on the size of the house. You can do it on your own if you are good at following instructions. If not you may want to hire a flooring expert. Stained concrete, linoleum, cork, laminate and vinyl flooring are other cheap options that you can use to give your house an elegant look.

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  1. Thank you for these awesome tips! hubby and I actually want to tackle and update some things in our house in the spring!! floor quality is key. we picked out flooring for our masters but still have to pick out flooring for our girls rooms

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