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Trick Shot Sports Dudes (Tucker Toys)

Trick Shot Sports Trick Shot Sports is a line of sports figure characters that lets players perform table top action and freestyle play. Whether your child likes football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey, there’s a Trick Shot Sports action dude for them. Kids can collect all 5 Trick Shot Sports team figures.

They come with what looks like small sports ball-themed ping-pong balls.

To play kids hold the figure with one hand, placing their thumb on the spot that says “Place thumb here”. Then, with the other hand,  you pull back on the tab and release to launch or hit the ball.

The baseball figure comes with a tee. For the hockey and soccer figures, you’ll just be hitting the ball off of the the table. The basketball and football figures have pegs on which you attach the ball. Deluxe sets include a featured accessory, such as a soccer goal or basketball basket.

You can compete in two-player tabletop action, so this is a fun game to play with a friend, your brother or when the cousins all get together Christmas morning. More information about Trick Shot Sports is available at

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