Why California Ranks Among the Top Most Stressed US States

Recent studies have ranked the states that tend to have the most stress related to them, and California has ranked as one of the highest. Though there are gorgeous beaches and wonderful weather throughout much of the year, living in the state can still be stressful for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons why it ranked so highly include the following.

Stress Related to Work

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Commute time is one of the biggest reasons why people in California may feel stressed. The average commute time can be incredibly high in many areas where there is a lot of traffic, and it can cut into the amount of leisure time a person has during the work week. Californians may also feel stressed because of low job security, unemployment, or a lack of income growth at their job. For those who are suffering from stress and who may turn to substances to help self-medicate, going to one of the best rehabs in California can help.

Stress Due to Finances

It is well known that California can be an expensive place to live, and this may contribute to people feeling financial stress during their life. They may not feel like they are making enough money to survive, may struggle to afford necessities, or may face bankruptcy. When someone is having trouble with their finances, they may not be able to save for their children to go to college or may owe a significant amount of debt. They may find it’s not easy to afford housing in California or that they have to live with roommates to be able to afford their home.

Health and Safety Stress

Health and safety stress can be related to the high cost of healthcare, the inability to focus on mental health because of long work hours, or the ease of seeking help for medical conditions. Those in California may not have as much health insurance compared to other states, may have more people diagnosed with anxiety or depression, or may be subjected to higher crime rates because of their location. All of this can cause a significant amount of stress, and it can be difficult to overcome the stress associated with health and safety.

Family Relationships Stress


Those living in California may also experience family-related stress, especially if they are living in a multi-generational home due to rising housing costs. There is a high separation and divorce rate as well as parental stress related to the cost of childcare. Many parents end up not working because of childcare issues, which can lead to financial stress for the family. When multiple generations live in the same home, it can be a stressful situation, even if it’s desired or a necessity because of the cost of homes.

A lot of stressful situations are possible in California despite the benefits of living there, making it one of the most stressful states to live in. For those who are suffering from stress and aren’t sure how to get out of it, there is help available. Speaking with someone can help determine the different treatment options available and help the person find one that’s going to work well for them. Talk to a professional today to learn more about all of the options available to you if you’re feeling stressed.



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