The Game of Consequences

Used particularly in play therapy sessions, the game of Consequences, prompts children to think how their actions not only affect themselves, but those around them. For example, it challenges the player, if they don’t get out of bed, what impact this could this have throughout the day?

What Should You Do? The Game of Consequences

As a parent, I feel the Consequences Board Game is a useful tool for reinforcing the concept of consequences to children. I The Game of Consequenceslike that it shows consequences can be both negative and positive. You can also add a few of your own consequence cards to the game to personalize it.

Every turn your child has to see if the card is positive or negative. If the card is a good action, they get to move ahead. If it has a negative behavior, they have to move back.

While  the game age play is 3-to 12, I feel the game is an okay start to introduce younger children to the fact that there are consequences. I think older children may bore fast. The game is for the preschool level who are still learning right from wrong.  You can also add additional questions of your own to address any particular lessons you wish to teach your child.

Quality wise the game is very well made and attractive.

Game contains a game board, 4 pawns, 1 six-sided die, 34 Consequence cards, 6 blank cards to make your own and instructions.


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