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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street

In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street, children visit the neighborhood of make-believe. The game is based Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Main Streeton the animated preschool series on PBS. With bright colors and cute illustrations from the show, the game challenges players to spin the spinner and move the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood characters around the game board, which is set up like Main Street. Whether your little ones are fans of the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood series or not, you are bound to be a fan of this game. This game is great for preschoolers because the rules are easy to learn.

The board game features five special places on Main Street that each player must visit. When taking your turn in the game you spin the wheel to get a number. You then move your game piece that many spaces in any direction you wish. The polka dot spaces require no action. If you land on the tree, you pick a Thank You card to determine what your next move will be. If you land on a gift space, you may choose a game token to gift to another player. Once a player receives a gift from another player, he or she must say, “thank you.” Parents can make sure players use proper manners in order to receive a gift.

gameI love that the game teaches young children the importance of being polite. The one thing that could be greatly improved upon was the game spinner. It was difficult to spin.

Each player continues to explore main street and fill his or her own backpack along the way. Once the backpack is full, the player can then race toward the finish line. The game does not require a player to follow one set path. Therefore, this keeps the game fun. Game play moves along rather fast, so it is a quick game that can be played to fill some time- example while dinner is cooking.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street Game is loved by my three year old even though she does not watch the show. It was the perfect game to introduce her to game play and she caught on fairly quickly.

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