Stop 'n Go Card Game

Stop’n Go Card Game

Too cold for the kids to play outside during Christmas break? Why not pass the time with something everybody can agree on?  Card games are fun for the entire family.  Stop ‘n Go Card Game by TaliCor is a quick response game that is sure to help with winter boredom. Recommended for children age 4 and up,  you race your way to wining victory in this test of color coordination and fast reflexes.

How to play Stop ‘n Go Card Game

Each player is dealt a face down stack of 15 cards. Everyone turns up the top card and places it face up in front of them. The Stop 'n Go Card Gameyoungest player says “ready, set, go!”. At once players play the card from the top of their pile onto anybody’s pile that has the same color. For example, if you turn up yellow card, and the player next to you has a yellow card turned up in front of them, you can place your card on top of it. Then that player grabs the next card and places it on top of a corresponding color.

If a player can’t go then they need to wait until a player places a card you match. If all players can not go, then someone says ready set go and everyone lays a new card.

There are pass cards in which you pass on your cards to the person on the right or person your left. The zap card allows you to place two cards on the bottom of other players deck. The stop sign card allows you to play 3 cards from your hand.

The first person to get rid of all 15 cards wins.

My daughter doesn’t quite know her colors yet, so  the Stop ‘n Go Card Game was a tad too complex for her. But once she learns red, green, yellow and able she will be able to join in on the fun. My husband on the other hand had fun playing  as he likes fast pace games, where I am not a fan of fast thinking games.Free State of Jones film

Overall, this is going to be one of those games you either hate or love.


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