10 Effective Ways To Add Heat Elements During a Home Renovation

The only way to keep yourself and your home warm is by getting custom flexible heaters. Honestly, one cannot survive without a heating system. No matter how hot you feel in the summertime, you will need an efficient heating systems when the winter season arrives.

These days, you can find several heating elements that provide good heating without wasting any energy. Silicone rubber flexible heaters and Kapton heaters are more popular than conventional heating products. That is why if you have any renovation plans soon, it’s better to sort out your heating preferences.

Adding Custom Heating Elements to Your Home During Renovation

Installing a new heating system has several perks. You can get better heating and that too at a lower cost. Nowadays, hi heat industries and other firms don’t only manufacture a single product.

Instead, these hi heat industries provide dozens of new designs and options. You will find polyester heaters, high heat heaters, polyimide heaters, and custom flexible heaters on the market today.

All of these products are great for heating your home. However, some homeowners opt for multiple kinds of heating systems. These systems are proven to be more reliable and controllable. But what are they?


There is no harm in using traditional heating elements. For example, boilers are one of the heating equipment found in every old household. Just like custom-designed flexible heaters, boilers also perform their job exceptionally well.

Just make sure that you have your annual boiler service to make sure that you’re ready.

To enhance their performance you could integrate them with a flexible heater element. Most flexible heating elements use a boiler, so why not use an existing one.



Amongst all systems, the forced air distribution systems are more popular. You will see them in most of the houses you visit. If you have started renovating your room or house, think about getting them installed.

Usually, such systems use a blower and a network of ducts. The furnace with the help of the blower and interconnected ducts delivers warm air to several rooms. During the renovation, most of your floors and walls are taken down. So installing these gadgets is easier.

Heat Pump

Apart from flexible silicone heaters, you can also opt for heat pumps during renovation. It is the latest heating technology which is energy efficient. The custom heat-generating device extracts heat from your surroundings and supplies it to your home.

You might wonder that it is an expensive decision and might need you to make several structural changes in your house. However, it’s not true. This system requires a small compressor and air handlers. The compressor is located outside your home, and the air handlers are added with minimum changes.

Radiant Heating Systems

Planned renovations always come in handy. If you want to easily add a polyimide heater element or a flexible heater element, do it while the renovations are going on. Later on, adding any new system might require the removal of new floors or walls.

Radiant heating systems can be easily installed while your renovations are going on. You will need to add plastic tubes within floors or connect electrical wires to your main power supply. In both scenarios, you will need to make a few changes.

Therefore, adding such elements while renovating your home is more effective. For example, if you plan to change your flooring, get a technician to add plastic water tubing before laying the concrete or wooden floors. Once the system starts working, you will get even heating in every corner.

Baseboard Heater

Baseboard Heater

Individuals looking for modern Kapton heating units or film heaters can also opt for baseboard heaters. These are popular in the market as they radiate heat to every corner. To add this element to your home, you will need a central boiler and a network of pipes to carry the water.

From natural gas to fuel and electricity, you could use any source. However, having the correct boiler size ensures more benefits. Calculate the heating need of your home and buy the exact boiler.

Solar Heating

Like a polyester heater, silicon rubber heater, Kapton heater, having a solar heater is also beneficial. Since sunlight is the only fuel needed, you save the environment and your money.

However, for such heating devices, you need new wiring and space. Thus, plan to add solar heating devices when you add things to your existing home.

Gravity Air Furnaces

If you don’t want to bear the expenses of adding new underground pipes, you can choose gravity air furnaces. These modern-style furnaces distribute heat through air ducts and don’t need additional pipelines. Within this system, a furnace heats water and lets the hot air rise and spread.

You can place the boiler in your basement without any concerns. This option requires minimum maintenance.

Hybrid Heating

A lot of homes have gas furnaces. If you have one, you can use it with hybrid heating machines. Such systems use a heat pump and a gas furnace to provide even heating.

Instead of getting new equipment, you could utilize the existing resources and get effective heating within your home.

Electric Space Heater

Electric Space Heater

People who do not want to lay pipes under floors or don’t consider adding complicated heating elements can opt for an electric space heater. It’s a custom heater that serves as an ideal solution for your temporary problems. You only need to plug the device into a socket to heat the entire room.

Sometimes, renovations require you to shut off your heating supplies. In such times, you could place one or two of these heaters in your home and keep yourself warm.

Electric Resistance Heating

Another way to add a heating element is by using electric resistance heating systems. These are easy to install but only work on electricity. So you won’t need new ducts or underground pipes, but the bills will be higher.

Still, during the renovation of a home, these hi-heat devices come in handy.


Depending on your home’s size and heat usage, you can opt for an effective heating system. However, to do so, you should know about the installation phase. Without information and understanding, you cannot make the correct choice. Therefore, get to know about the new systems and how you can effectively place them into your home.

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