Libre teaChristmas is approaching fast and we have the perfect gift idea to help you express your gratitude to the woman that adds the nourishing touches to  your family album. We understand that life is busy; from home to the office- Mom doesn’t always get the chance to enjoy that beloved cup of tea. Pick up one or more of these beautiful and practical tea glasses at Libre Tea and give her the gift of her favorite tea.

With the Libre Mug- the satisfaction of her favorite loose leafs is made possible. Libre has a made a product that accommodates the needs of today’s active moms.

The Libre glass ‘n poly is an environmentally friendly, health-conscious mug of sunshine. The double walled glass, with the durable handle and stainless steel tea filter allows for high quality daily use for the most avid tea drinker.  Libre has designed their mug with two easy ways to brew and travel with loose leaf tea ‘on the go’. You can either place the tea directly into the insulated mug, or scoop the tea on top of the twist off filter. This ensures that you always get the perfect cup of tea as you are in complete control of the brewing method.

For the busy mom on the go, we bring you the new “Libre Life Collection.”

The Libre Life Collection is a medley of inspiration – Starburst Turquise, Lively Leaves Lime and Black Brush.

“The Black Bush Tea Glass is fun and fanciful. This leak resistant thermal container has a health conscious glass interior and a durable Poly Tritan exterior. The double walled design keeps mom’s tea either hot or cold for a long time.

The poly Tritan exterior makes the mug light, shock resistant, and cool to the touch.  The fine stainless steel tea filter is surrounded by BPA-free polypropylene as is the lid interior.

The Libre Life Black Brush Tea Glass is very easy to use too. First add about a teaspoon of loose leaf tea to your Libre Tea glass. Loose tea can either go in the base of the glass and you sip through the filter lid, or the tea goes in between the filter lid and the top lid, the Libre is inverted for steeping, and then you remove both lids to drink the tea directly from the glass.

Libre Tea also has a video showing you both of these methods if you’d like to see it in action.

Libre Travel Matcha ShakerThe tea glass seals tightly, so Mom can carry it in her bag without worry. You can also use this for fruit  water.

The newest member of the Libre family is MatchaGo. With its 9oz size and fine mesh removable stainless steel filter, this glass is perfect for quick, smooth, & frothy Matcha – hot or cold! With the same clean glass interior and durable BPA-free poly exterior as all Libre models, this shaker glass makes staying energized quick & easy. No more whisk and bowl, just shake and go-anytime, anywhere!

This Christmas give the benefits of tea. Mom’s on the go deserve a glass full of delicious. From the promising antioxidants of green tea, to the reduction of high cholesterol and weight control that comes with Oolong teas, to mom’s favorite Earl Grey black tea,  Mom will appreciate all that Libre has to offer.

By purchasing a Libre Tea glass you are reducing your carbon foot print. It is an economically sound product that allows for composting of the spent tea leaves. Loose leaf tea is also less costly than whole leaf tea bags, guaranteeing a fresh glass with every use.

Librea Tea glasses are not just for mom, they make great gifts for any tea drinker. I would truly be lost without my Libre Tea glass.

You can purchase glasses, tea, and extra filters on the Libre tea website.

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