ORGANIC MATCHA ​ Green Tea Powder

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea With so many brands of matcha on the market, which one should you purchase? I am far from a matcha green tea expert, however I have been fortunate to try a few different brands over the last couple of years. In case you’re not sure which brand of organic ceremonial grade matcha tea to purchase I am here to help.

Avega Recreation Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea powder is 100% organic and naturally grown in the fields of Kyoto.

The matcha green tea powder comes from the ancient method known as “the Uji Manufacturing Method” developed by Souen nagatani of Uji-Tawara back in 1738. This method results in fresh, flavorful tea.

With a super vibrant green colour and fresh aroma, it’s hard not to love Avega Recreation Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea. You can tell that it is a high quality matcha due to its vibrant green color. Lower quality matcha, is normally yellowish/brownish in hue.

Another indicator is the feel. Avega Recreation organic matcha feels smooth and silky between my fingers compared to some other brands I have tried, which felt course and gritty. Matcha green tea should never feel coarse or gritty. I had no lumps when mixing.  Avega Recreation Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea has a fresh grassy smell.

I don’t  normally drink matcha the traditional way, which is by poring hot water over the powder, frothing it (either with a bamboo whisk or an electric milk frother), and drinking. However, I did for this review and  found the tea to have a smooth vegetal taste with only a slightly bitter aftertaste. Sometimes very fine powder makes for difficult mixing, but that was not the case here. It seemed almost to dissolve into the warm water.

Although the 30 g package is small in size, a little goes a long way, as you only need half a teaspoon per serving. Each 30 g yields about 14 servings of regular-strength matcha. That is about $1 per gram for 30 grams, which is a bit on the high side, but well worth it for a high quality organic ceremonial grade matcha. Plus, with all the health benefits what’s not to love?

This is one of the few matcha teas I’ve tasted that wasn’t overly bitter, so it would probably be a good choice for someone new to drinking matcha tea.

You can use matcha in mixed beverages, such as morning smoothies,  green tea lattes or you can use it as an ingredient in recipes.

Matcha Smoothie Recipe

Blend orange juice, banana, and matcha powder together in a blender until smooth.


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  1. I have never tried matcha, and I am scared to try, I have heard so many mixed feelings, some really like it and others can’t stand it. Is there a strong taste to it? does it leave an after taste in your mouth? I have read what your thoughts are on this kind, but just asking again

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