Floof Modeling Clay- reusable snow

Floof modeling clay is a moldable and stackable compound created by the makers of Sands Alive! Floof feels feels like marshmallows, molds like clay, and looks just like snow. You truly need to feel it to believe it!

Floof Modeling ClayWith floof, it is quick and easy to build an indoor snowman. This craft kit is perfect for those snowy days when it’s just too cold to go outside and make a real snowman. It’s also perfect for kids in warmer climates who don’t get any snow.

How to make a snowman without snow

While the Floof Snowball Maker doesn’t come with any accessories to add to ones snowman, your kids can have fun coming up with their own accessories like we did!

The process is simple. Open the bag of floof and dump it into the bucket.  Then place some of the fluff into the snowball mold,  floof reusable snowthen shape, stack and decorate.

Floof Modeling Clay is non toxic, and water soluble. Unlike Playdoh, Floof doesn’t dry out so you can play with it again and again. With Floof, the creations are not limited to snowmen. Your child(ren) can mold Floof into anything their imagination dreams up.

When play time is over Floof is easy to clean up with just a damp cloth. Floof comes in a nice airtight bucket to ensure that it stays soft for the next time your kids want to use it.

Floof Modeling Clay – Reusable Indoor Snow

Different Floof sets come with a variety of tools and accessories. Sets include: Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Polar Babies, Snowball Maker, S’more Party, Sunny Day Cloud and the Floof Bucket.

Floof The Floof snowball maker comes with one bag of fluff (150 grams) and three sizes of snowball molds to make perfectly round snow balls.

Overall, Floof Modeling Clay is a great sensory experience. My almost 4 year old daughter has so much fun playing with floof. And to be quite honest, mommy does too.

Play Visions Inc. strays outside the lines of the traditional toy business by using creativity as their fuel to bring the most innovative, unique toy designs not seen anywhere else in the impulse novelty world. Floof is for kids ages 3+ and is available at Amazon.com

Website: playvisions.com

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  1. This looks awesome, the kids would love to play and create with this especially on those days when they can not go outside!!

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