PlaySnow Igloo

PlaySnow Igloo

PlaySnow Igloo

Living in Ontario, we see snow five to six months of the year, which does not leave too many options for outside play. Days are short and usually pretty cold, so persuading your child to go outside for some fresh air can be a bit of a hassle. You can always build snowmen, snow- angel, go tobogganing and have an epic snowball fight, but after a few hours, the festivities grow dull. Why not give your kids a taste of adventure in their very own true Canadian Winter PlaySnow Igloo. Safe and secure, you can use it all year-round.

I became excited as it started to snow. I was a child all over again. I couldn’t wait for my daughter to see what I was going to build in our front yard. PlaySnow Igloo can be assembled in 15-20 minutes.

PlaySnow Igloo InstructionsPlaySnow Igloo


The Play Snow Igloo arrives in two boxes, with one being a tad smaller than the other. The smaller box is the upper part of the igloo, and it also includes the PS rivets and the Play Snow Igloo Instructions. The larger box is the base of the igloo.

PlaySnow IglooPlaySnow Igloo PS Rivets

The plastic rivets that hold the igloo together, require you to have a bit of strength to get them firmly seated in their holes. You do this with your thumb. It is like pushing in a thumb tack. The Play Snow Igloo doesn’t require any tools for the assembly.

Once together, the Play Snow Igloo frame looks like this.

PlaySnow Igloo



The Igloo we own features a door opening, but you can buy accessories to add two to three extra doors, allowing you to attach multiple Igloos.

PlaySnow Igloo


Everything about the Play Snow Igloo is pretty self-explanatory. Each panel has notches and holes that interlock together making the process of the rivets easy to use.

PlaySnow Igloo

Ensure that you assemble the Igloo in the spot where you plan on having it, as it is quite heavy and awkward to carry.

Once the assembly is, complete the igloo will take minutes to fill with snow.

For storing your Play Snow Igloo, you will need to remove the ps rivets. As I mentioned above to get the rivets out you need to gently squeeze them.

I took some of the igloo modular panels off and put them back together several times to test the durability of the ps rivets.

They are made of very strong plastic and take being in and out several times. Not to mention Play Snow includes twenty extra rivets in case of damage or loss.

If you plan on storing the Igloo over the summer, you can. It’s not necessary though as PlaySnow has on their website an Igloo Canvas that you can buy with one, two, or three-door options.


The Igloo Canvas will then allow kids to use it as a fort even through the summer and fall months.

I did not get the igloo canvas but would like to get one and put it to the test this summer. Having said that, Play snow has five different igloo canvases to choose from.

SnowPlay Igloo Canvas
Image Credit SnowPlay Igloo Canvas

Igloo Canvas one door option (camouflage)
Igloo Canvas two doors (cartoon)
Igloo Canvas Two Doors (pink)
Igloo Canvas two doors (green)
Igloo Canvas two doors (purple)





PlaySnow Igloo


The Play Snow Igloo is sturdy and can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of snow, where a regular snow fort can collapse.

PlaySnow Igloo


I love the opening at the very top of the igloo. It is perfect for hot summer months, and stargazing.


Check out this video from the creator of Play Snow.

To find our more about Play Snow, the creation of it, and the entire lineup of products available make sure to check them out at

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Available to purchase at Wayfair and Costco.

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