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Cloud B Bubbly Bunny and Glow Cuddles are furry companions that will be around long after the Easter bunny has arrived. I have been a Cloud B fan since I was first introduced to them more than four years ago. Over the last few years my daughter has own and I have given as gifts to new parents, several Cloud B products. In our household for the upcoming Easter holiday, we have continued our Cloud B gift giving tradition with a new favourite.Cloud B

Glow Cuddles Bunny is my two year old daughter’s new night-time companion. Cuddles has a light hidden inside her chest and with one hug, a softly glowing light is activated. There’s also a gentle, calming heartbeat sound that could instantly help lull her to sleep, though we have yet to use it.

Cuddles Bunny also features two sleep timer options: 10 minutes for heartbeat and vibration or 23 minutes for the soft glow nightlight feature. We have not used either of the sleep-timer options either, but they are a nice feature to have.

My daughter immediately fell in love with Glow Cuddles Bunny. She is so incredibly soft! Miss P loves that whenever you hug Cuddles Bunny, her heart glows. She has been snuggling up with Glow Cuddles Bunny every night since she received her as an early Easter gift. I love that when she eventually gets bunny dirty that I can pull the heart unit out for easy washing.

Because Glow Cuddles Bunny facial features are sewn on, she is perfectly safe for both infants and toddlers. This is something as a parent that I look for when shopping for toys my daughter can take to bed with her.

Cloud B Beating Heart Glow Cuddles Plush is also available as a bear- just in case, Cuddle the Easter Bear wants to pay a visit.

Celebrate baby’s first Easter with Bubbly Bunny. This soft plush plays four comforting sounds that can be activated with Cloud b Dreamz To Go Groovy Globepush-buttons and includes a volume control feature. The sounds are friendly giggles, soothing winds, ocean waves and a gentle lullaby. This cuddly friend also features two sleep timer options (23 minutes and 45 minutes).

While the last item is not a bunny, it is the perfect addition to older children’s Easter baskets. The Dreamz to Go Groovy Globe features hearts, flowers, and peace signs etched into the globe. When you turn on the globe, the light shines from inside and project those groovy images onto your child’s walls and ceiling.

My daughter has the “Twinkle To Go Octo™ – Pink Nightlight,” which is very similar to the “The Dreamz To Go Groovy Globe,” accept the Octo nightlight projects stars and fish with bubbles, as opposed to flowers, hearts, and peace signs. The glove features a 45 minute auto shut-off, which ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep. I like the globes as opposed to other night lights on the market, as they are easy to take along on trips or when my daughter stays at her aunt’s house overnight.

Bubbly Bunny™


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