Rickard’s Radler

Rickard’s Radler


You can tell a lot about a person by their drink: for my friends, bottomless pitchers of Sangria, cheap red wine, or a dirty Caesar at the local pub. I, however, drink Rickard’s Red- pure and simple. However, come summer I like to spruce things up. My wine goes from red to white, my coffee is iced, and I am sipping a light Radler on the patio. Summer is the time to kick back and relax, and Rickard’s Radler does just the trick.

Rickard’s Radler

The story behind the first Radler is enough to quench your wanderlust. In the 1920s, in the picturesque German countryside, the sophisticated citrus drink was born. A swarm of cyclists enter a pub and to spare the last drops of a classic brew, a barkeeper adds a splash of soda to cool off the crowd. Years later this drink has become a staple of house parties, beach trips, and much-needed refreshment after a day in the sun.

On the hunt for this fine Rickard’s gem discovered that folks in Canada’s capital can’t get enough. Having been to four different establishments and one pub I finally found it fresh off the truck. The shop owner said since the warmer weathers hit, he can’t keep it in stock. This 3.2% abv blend of lager, grapefruit & lemon juices, and other natural flavors is a true winner. Light and fruity with a hint of an old fashion favorite and everyone’s having a good time! Get yours today.

If you’re wondering about Summer food pairing ideas, Rickard’s has a few in their Food Pairing section on their website.

(At Today’s Woman we do not condone alcohol in combination with any vehicular operation, motorized or otherwise.)

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