RICKARD’S RED IPA for the holidays

Since the introduction of Rickard’s Red in 1984, the brand has become the quintessential amber beer in Canada. Over the past Rickard’s Red IPA30 years,  talented brewmasters have continued to introduce a variety of unique and flavourful  beers that they are passionate about. Now, Rickard’s is proud to unveil the new Rickard’s Red Series just in time for the holiday season to explore the world of amber beer in new and unique ways like only their brewmasters can. The Rickard’s Red Series is kicking off  the holidays with the release of Rickard’s Red IPA, a 5.7% abv and 40 IBU red ale developed by brewmaster Steve Stradiotto.

I personally found Rickard’s Red IPA to be smoother than the traditional Rickard’s Red, subtly muting the boldness that is found in the cream style ale. Red IPA is a true beer for the holidays with woody notes reminiscent of clove, and light hints of citrus. I believe Molson has truly done something remarkable with this addition to their collection. Red IPA is smooth on the palate, crisp and sweet. This is a beer that dad won’t mind finding under the Christmas tree.

Rickard’s Red IPA will be available across the country in 473 ml cans, six-packs of 341 ml bottles, and as part of the Rickard’s Winter Taster Pack, with availability of each format varying by region and retailer.

Website: rickards.ca

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About Molson Coors Brewing Company

Molson Coors Brewing Company is a leading global brewer delivering extraordinary brands that delight the world’s beer drinkers. It brews, markets and sells a portfolio of leading brands such as Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Molson Dry, Carling, Blue Moon and Keystone Light across the Americas, Europe and Asia. It operates in Canada through Molson Coors Canada, in the U.S. through Miller Coors and in the U.K. and Ireland through Molson Coors (UK and Ireland). For more information on Molson Coors Brewing Company visit www.molsoncoors.com.


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