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Zoom Tubes Car Trax

I’m sure by now you have seen seen the Zoom Tubes Car Trax sets on TV. If you haven’t the Zoom Tubes Car Trax is clear, tubular racing tracks that includes a cool remote-controlled race car with each set. It is the perfect toy for kids who enjoy playing with toy cars and guaranteed to be a toy that kids will be asking for this holiday season. Walmart did research to find out the top toys for the holiday season.  Based on hundreds of kids who tested and play with dozens of toys, Zoom Tubes Car Trax was rated among the top 40.

Zoom Tubes Starter Kit

Zoom Tubes Starter KitThe Zoom Tubes Starter Kit is a good way to get kids started. The kit includes one of the racing cars along with a remote control that allows you to change the direction of the vehicle (forward or backward).  Also included in the set is 8 curved tubes, 3 straight tubes, 1 straight tube with door, 12 connector pieces.

There are no assembly instructions. You have to look at the drawings to figure out how to put it together. However the kit is quite easy to set up since the straight and curved tubes connect with the supplied connectors.

You can create any number of variations with the track.

Once you build your racetrack and the racer is fully charged, locate the door on the tube and insert the car. Use the remote to send the vehicle zooming around the track.

You’ll need two AA batteries for the remote control, and batteries are not included. To charge the car, you simply plug it into any USB outlet using the provided USB cable. Zoom Tubes Starter Kit


Zoom Tubes Starter Kit was a great hit with Miss P. The car lights up bringing more attention to the race set. I have to admit that it looks pretty cool in the dark.

The Zoom Tubes Car Trax is sure to be a highlight on Christmas morning.


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8 thoughts on “Zoom Tubes Car Trax

  1. My comment didn’t show up? Oh well, I was just thanking you for your review as I think it might be a perfect Christmas gift for my youngest nephew. Now just to figure out the rest, lol.

  2. Thanks for the review… I think this would be perfect for my nephew! Christmas gift for one possibly taken care of, lol

  3. Both of my boys would LOVE this toy. They both love cars but cars in tubes is extra awesome! It would be a great Christmas gift for them.

  4. This is so awesome, it’s like a hamster maze..lol my grandson would get a kick out of this and he wouldn’t loose his cars because they are trapped in the tube, love it!!

  5. Thanks for sharing I have t say this looks really cool and the kids are sure to enjoy it.Certainly make a lovely gift!

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