Get outside with The Floor is Lava

Summer will soon be here and after a year of being inside participating in remote learning it is time to put down the electronics and get outdoors. Endless Games is taking their hottest game ” The Floor is Lava” outside allowing kids to be active. Some of you may remember our review of “The Floor […]

How Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe Online

Introduction Children nowadays have constant access to the Internet. Most modern phones support Internet connectivity, school-owned laptops/tablets have become commonplace, and most research demands online resources. But is the Internet safe enough for children? Well, no. At least, not without proper care and guidance. But what dangers does the Internet contain? And are there ways […]

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

  Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy, as there is so much to think about when choosing. Whether you’re looking for a stunning barn, elegant ballroom, private beach, or funky restaurant the options are endless! As brides, we often dream of our wedding day since we are little ( the princess movies don’t help). With […]

How to Live Well

Many people have the ambition to live a long and happy life, and most of the time, this is down to the lifestyle choices that you make. Staying healthy may mean different things to each person, and the decisions made to achieve this is typically down to personal preference. Some strategies may work better for […]

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