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Designer Clothes

We all want to look out best, but we don’t always have the budget to support our luxury tastes. It seems like being frugal and wearing designer clothes simply don’t go together! How can you rock a designer look on a low budget? Maybe you’ve been eyeing a brand in a fashion magazine or you keep seeing the cutest pair of designer shoes on Instagram. Designer clothes aren’t just for the rich and famo...[Read More]

Smart Sketcher Learn to Draw,

With back to school only a few weeks away we here at Today’s Woman have just the item to add to your back to school shopping list. The smART sketcher projector from Flycatcher promotes artistic ability, fine motor skills and STEAM education skills. If you have never heard of STEAM- STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathemati...[Read More]


As with anything in life, we always want the best of the best for whatever it is that we need. The services we seek, whether hiring a photographer, a caterer or hiring a lawyer after an accident, should be the best service that we can find. As we perform these searches throughout life, there are a number of factors to consider that will lead us to what we need and make the process easier. When see...[Read More]

The Ethics of Product Usage

In recent years, there was an increased interest in the notion of corporate moral responsibility. Generally, either it is defined by the law or exists in everyday life. Moral responsibility is simple enough for understanding. Morality is the notion that exists in any moral problem and with which people deal on a daily basis. It generally predetermines what is correct and what is wrong in one’...[Read More]


Stories about wishes have long been a perfect place to explore the possibilities. New from HMH Books for Young Readers comes a book about wishes. Published this past July, Cat Wishes, written by Calista Brill and illustrated by Kenard Pak is a playful fairy tale for young readers age 4–7. In this delightful book a gray-and-white-striped cat catches a snake wile wandering through the woods one day....[Read More]

Watermelon Smash Board Game

Brand new from Yulu Toys comes the game Watermelon Smash.  Watermelon Smash is the perfect game for wet summer fun, though it also comes with the capability of dry play as well. Recommended for ages 6+, Watermelon Smash ends with one player getting water (or the included plastic seeds) dumped on his or her head. The game comes with a plastic watermelon, a spinner, and blue and yellow watermelon se...[Read More]

The Floor is Lava

Some of you may have children who love playing the Floor is Lava (also known as “Hot Lava “). If you have never heard of the game in “The Floor is Lava”, players imagine that the floor is made of lava and thus avoid touching the ground. My daughter and her friends love playing different versions of the game, such as lava monster where one person is the lava monster and ever...[Read More]

postpartum depression help

You’ve just experienced one of the most beautiful moments in life, but for some reason, you’re not feeling quite yourself. As much as you know that having a baby and coming out of childbirth in good health is a blessing, you can’t help but shake these feelings of sadness and despair. You’re not alone. Millions of mothers go through a period of postpartum depression or sadness after giving birth to...[Read More]

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