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Whether she needs to dash off a thank you note, write a grocery list or liven up her workspace, Peter Pauper Press is your destination to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift in stationery. Does she journal? It’s easier to commit to daily writing in a journal when ones notebook is this pretty. The pretty Hydrangeas pattern will inspire her to start hand-writing her daily thoughts. Every journa...[Read More]

Engraved Parker Pen

Giving a loyal customer a gift at Christmas make you and your company as a whole look good. It also makes your client feel important because you have taken the effort to let them know you value them. When it comes to purchasing a corporate gift for a customer it can be quite a daunting task.  Popular gift ideas are stationery such as Amalfi hand crafted leather journals, engraved business card cas...[Read More]


In addition to finding great gift ideas for your child’s teacher, you may be on a mission to find a great gift for your child’s friend’s or classmates. Holly Jolly Writers are a cute idea if your child’s class is partaking in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Each cap of these cute Christmas pens is decorated with a Holiday inspired face; Santa, Penguin, Polar Bear, Rudolf Rein...[Read More]

International Arrivals

Coloring isn’t just for kids! Chances are you’ve already heard it’s the year of the adult coloring book. Currently, three of the top 20 selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books. Coloring is a great form of therapy for adults. 25 year old Megan sits in the living-room of her one bedroom suite coloring a picture that is based on the artwork of Joe Vickers. The picture comes from an adu...[Read More]

Whether you’re heading back to school or just back to the office, now is the perfect time to pick yourself up some essential stationary items from Peter Pauper Press. Because no one can never have too many sticky notes in their possession, these stylish Sticky Notes Portfolios add pizzazz to page flags, reminders, and messages. Each set includes more than 500 designer sticky notes, plus pads in di...[Read More]

In today’s fast paced world we often find ourselves struggling to effectively manage our time resulting in chaos. My son, a 4th year university student confesses than an academic planner is part of his back to school supply checklist. Start the school year on the right foot with an academic planner. An academic planner can be a great tool for effectively managing your time, and making the mo...[Read More]

One of the most important parts of the school day that children enjoy the most aside from recess is lunch hour. While it is important that children have a good healthy lunch it is also important that they have a stylish lunch bag. I use to take my lunch to school in that old familiar brown paper lunch bag. Boy, have lunch bags come a long way since we were kids. Today when it comes to packing scho...[Read More]

With back to school just around the bend, my son who is in his forth year of university has been examining his back to school supply inventory, and wouldn’t you know it, his supply of Post-it Notes were almost nonexistent. If there is one back to school supply my son needs other than a never ending supply of Sharpie pens, it is Post-it Notes. I don’t think he would make it through the ...[Read More]

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