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Best Tech Entertainment Options For Busy Women

These days, there is great tech that has really revolutionised our lives. Women are active participants, and an integral part of modern life – and tech touches all aspects of women’s lives.

So, what tech is essential for women looking for entertainment these days during their downtime?

Now that just about every modern home or apartment has a smartphone, desktop and internet access, this post will concentrate on tech that makes accessing entertainment easier. Be it streaming or exercising your body or brain.


Tablets To Consume Media

Tablets To Consume Media

There’s nothing like reading or watching a movie or series on a tablet or iPad. You have the convenience of streaming anywhere in your home or they can even be popped into a handbag or backpack.

From eBooks to series, online gaming, or movies, it’s all there at the touch of a screen. And the bonus is there are a lot of free games out there to make your downtime fun. Also screen resolution is so brilliant these days, tablet screens are sometimes clearer than TV screens these days.

Plus, tablets come in many sizes and colours; all you have to do is choose what suits you the best.

Consider some of these free online games to give your brain a break, boost your strategic thinking or just to have some plain old-fashioned fun.


Online Gaming


Whatever device you use to game online there’s a long list of popular games, some of which come with real benefits.

Consider Mahjong Solitaire, even if you’re way under 50. The game is reputed to improve short-term memory, logical thinking and improve the attention span. It’s a game of skill, strategy, and has the romance of luck.

Then there are real money pokies which are just so easy and convenient these days with advances in technology. Online gaming is very secure, and the games can be fun, even thrilling. And what’s not to like about winning a few extra dollars?

Word search games have also become very popular and can be very stimulating. Look what happened with Wordle, no one could start their day without having cracked the Wordle of the day.

Challenge yourself by moving up a level to really give your brain a workout. Plus, there is the satisfaction of having beaten the game.

Other mind and brain games teach you to think logically and to recognise patterns. Simple but essential brain skills. There’s Sudoku, the number placement game, crosswords and Braingle with its huge online community.


Challenging Yourself

Best Tech for Busy Women

If you’re a sporty outdoor enthusiast, then smartwatches and Fitbits will not only offer you planned routes to change up but will keep track of your metrics so you can enjoy your progress.

If you’re still not back working in a physical office, there are even sleek wearable speakers with an inbuilt microphone which lets you walk around while conducting meetings or fielding business calls.

Did you know you even get Bluetooth beanies these days?  They’re perfect for those frosty morning jogs in winter.

So, no more excuses, there’s a little tech helper to ease you into whatever you’ve set your mind to do.


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