The Technology Transforming How People Manage Chronic Health Conditions

The Technology Transforming How People Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic health conditions are common across global populations, especially in older generations. Managing these conditions – be they hypertension, diabetes, obesity, or a variety of genetic diseases – can sometimes feel like a full-time job, cutting into the time you’d otherwise spend with loved ones or following your passions. So anything that can help relieve the stress of managing a chronic condition can be a godsend. This is the technology that enables people to reclaim portions of their lives from their chronic illnesses.

The Technology Transforming How People Manage Chronic Health ConditionsTracking Apps

One of the more exciting innovations in recent years has been the tracking app – combining bespoke, personalized healthcare with smart tracking technologies. Keeping you updated with the progress of your illness, condition, or disease over many months, these apps have three main benefits:


  • You can recognize when you’re about to have a more difficult period in your illness.
  • They can help you set goals in terms of treatments and therapy to better manage your illness.
  • They can link you up with healthcare professionals who have instant access to important data around your condition and its current state.

Having developed these apps for these key benefits, providers like Dario are bringing the bene-fits of instantaneous data to the healthcare industry – and especially those who suffer from chronic health conditions.


The Technology Transforming How People Manage Chronic Health ConditionsThe rise of telemedicine took a further jump as the pandemic rendered millions unable to visit their doctors face to face. Now it’s set to become the norm, with Zoom appointments already common across hundreds of clinics. But what’s really interesting in this development is the fact that it’ll bring medicine into your home and into the day on which you’re suffering from partic-ular symptoms.

In practice, this means that those days you might spend in the queue at the local clinic, or des-perately trying to get through to your regular doctor on the phone, may soon be behind you. Providers that specialize in your particular health issue will be at hand without you having to leave your home, gifting you back the time you would otherwise spend searching for treatment.

Home Kits

The Technology Transforming How People Manage Chronic Health ConditionsDifferent chronic health conditions entail different treatments. Some have to be performed in a hospital, like dialysis. But others, like the injection of insulin, can be performed at home. And the devices that distribute medicine and treatment are becoming far more technically impres-sive, helping you treat yourself at home, time and again, safely and with utmost confidence.

Of course, the applicability of these new devices to your illness will depend on your level of treatment, and will always be prescribed by your doctor. But once you’re eligible and prescribed these devices, you’ll noticed how much more mobile they make you – compact and reliable, you can take them on a camping trip or a long-haul flight in the confidence that you’ll never be far from a key treatment, should you need it.

Technology continues to change the world – but for those with life-changing chronic health conditions, it’s helping make life more free, confident and autonomous, as the above three ex-amples evidence.

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  1. Times are definitely changing, and it’s better now for sure. I really like the appointments one can do from home.

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