Breezing past: Finding time out of work for teeth care

It’s the 21st Century and with longer hours at work, it could be difficult to follow the dentist’s recommendation to brush after every meal. Dedicating a little time out of your busy schedule to brush twice daily could even prove to be an equally herculean task. But the reality is, some things are just too important to ignore. Ignoring teeth care could have painful repercussions; painful, diseased gums could affect your concentration at the workplace; tooth cavities could develop into decayed teeth into rotten teeth and can have embarrassing consequences, affecting your interactions in the workplace.


Get a dental go pack


You are always in a rush. You can’t seem to find those two minutes to brush your teeth after those rushed cups of coffee. Why don’t you take a kit with you? These dental grooming kits could turn every lunch break into a time to groom. Your dental go pack should contain a mini bottle of fluoride mouthwash, an extra toothbrush, floss attached to plastic handles or “flossers” that can be used anywhere and a tube of fluoride toothpaste. With a kit like this, you could easily dive into the bathroom for a quick dental touch-up.

Rinse off

After eating, don’t forget to swill water through your mouth to get those particles out. Otherwise, those particles could get degraded by bacteria, creating an acidic and harmful environment for your teeth.  You could even increase your water intake to keep your saliva fresh. A nice cup of water should serve this purpose.

Chew! Chew!

Although it is not the best, a pack of sugar-free gum could provide temporary protection for your teeth. Chewing gum could remove excess food particles and promote the circulation of saliva, especially for those with dry mouth; eliminating the bulk of sugar degrading bacteria. It could also give you that minty freshness well-kept teeth should have. Be sure to keep a pack or two close.

Watch the edibles!

You have your kit, you have even packed an extra toothbrush and have made a promise to brush every chance you get. Regardless, it is still important to watch what you eat. Sugar eats rapidly through tooth enamel leading to cavities and tooth decay. Sugary foods and drinks are detrimental to oral health and should be limited.


You could substitute sugary food with juicy, crunchy fruits and vegetables as they are healthier for the teeth. They could help reduce acidity because of their water content. Additionally, it is better to drink more water instead of consuming sodas.

Find time for a dentist appointment

Open female mouth during oral checkup at the dentist.

The bitter truth about dental care is even if you follow all the expert instructions in the book, there is never a guarantee of perfect dental health. You could still get cavities, swollen gums and mouth cancer. Regular visits to a qualified dentist ballan should help protect you from developing these problems. For optimal oral health, it is advised that you still continue to visit the dentist at least 2 times a year. Take a little time off work and schedule that appointment with a dentist immediately.



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