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Lynch Old Style Mincemeat Pie Filling

With only eight days until Christmas, Mincemeat Pies are sure to make an appearance on every table. Mince pies are closely associated with Christmas for a variety of reasons. It was in the early middle ages that mince pies were first served. Historically, they have been popular around the festive period because of a tradition from the Middle Ages. People were required to eat a mincemeat pie every day for 12 days from Christmas Day to Twelfth Night. In ancient times, this was believed to bring happiness for the following 12 months.

Mincemeat Pie

As the Victorian era progressed, mince pies became increasingly sweet. Mincemeat pies contain three spices, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon, symbolic of the gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men.

My childhood Christmas desserts included plum puddings, mincemeat pies, and rich fruit cakes, which were my father’s traditional favorites. The plum pudding, fruit cakes, and mincemeat pies from my childhood still bring back memories for me. When I became a mother and started my own family, mince pies continued to be an important part of holiday dinners.

It could be said that my husband has an old soul. Among his favorite foods is meatloaf, Shepherd’s Pie, hearty stews, and desserts like bread pudding, rice pudding, and mincemeat tarts.

Lynch Foods manufactures some of the best baking products and pie fillings in Canada. For generations, Lynch Olde Style Mincemeat has been enjoyed by Canadians – and the tradition continues today.

The buttery pie shells in my house are filled with delicious Lynch Olde Style Mincemeat which contains ingredients such as raisins, currants, citrus peel, spice, and rum. The Lynch Olde Style Mincemeat can be used in pies and desserts or served warm over ice cream or cereal.

A local resident was looking for a new mincemeat to try, so I gave her a jar of Lynch mincemeat as a gesture of good neighborliness. She loves it. As her traditional brand has been discontinued in Canada, she will switch to Lynch.

Traditional mincemeat pie

This mincemeat is full of amazing flavor! The perfect addition to your Christmas treats tray, these mincemeat tarts are quick to make. To prevent soggy tarts, we baked the frozen tart shells for ten minutes before adding the mincemeat.

Baking the tarts brought back memories of my father’s love of mincemeat and my husband’s request for mincemeat tarts on our first Christmas together.

Traditional mincemeat pie

Around the holidays, mincemeat spiced dessert is our family favorite. A tradition still persists to leave mince pies for Father Christmas by the fireplace, sometimes with whiskey or brandy – and a carrot for Rudolph. Traditionally, Irish children leave mince pies and pints of Guinness for Santa Claus.

There is no doubt that the festive food season has begun. Bring some mincemeat tarts to family and friends.

Lynch mincemeat

About W.T. Lynch Foods Lt

“A 100% Canadian family-owned food manufacturer, W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd., supplies a full range of high-quality food products for food service, retail, healthcare and industrial use. With diverse manufacturing capabilities, they manufacture jams & jellies, sauces & dressings, soup & gravy bases, cold and hot beverage mixes, syrups, and dessert toppings. Their offerings are available in portion size for take-out, consumer-friendly sizes and bulk for restaurant, healthcare, and industrial use. Lynch Foods provides customized food solutions and prides itself on superior product quality, industry-leading order fill rates, quality control standards, and innovative research & development.”

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6 thoughts on “Lynch Old Style Mincemeat Pie Filling

  1. hey curious so i baked the shells as it said and added the mincemeat i thought that’s it . . . but i’m seeing it says on the jar Beef Suets i don’t know what that is but another post said it varies because diff are made with or without animal fats . . . so now i’m not sure if i have to cook the mincemeat in the tart shells after i’ve already baked the shells or ?

  2. My wife baked tarts with your brand for the first time today because her original brand was nowhere to be found and I’m not exactly thrilled about your brand. There doesn’t seem to be any sweetness in it and the texture is very mushy or pasty. There is however, a heavy woody taste to the product which I’m no fan of. Sorry but.

  3. Just made my tarts this weekend. We both think it is tasty and I would buy it now that Cross and Blackwell is not available in Canada. I do add a little brandy to the mincemeat but I have done this in the past. I’m going to give my friends who are Cross and Blackwell people a couple of tarts to try, may be a couple of weeks. Will let you know what they say.

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