Topper's Pizza adds lactose-free mozzarella to menu

Lactose free pizza- Rejoice with Toppers Giveaway

Eating a pizza can cause stomach upset or even long-term damage if you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy. Over seven million Canadians suffer from lactose intolerance, a condition that causes gas, bloating, and abdominal cramps. Sadly, pizza giants like Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Domino’s are. Angus Reid surveyed 1,500 Canadians, including 600 Ontarians, for pizza chain Toppers. The survey found almost a quarter of respondents suffer from food allergy or intolerance, including lactose intolerance. Among those responding, seven-in-10 Ontarians (69%) said being able to feed their family lactose-free is a concern.

Lactose-free pizza delivery

For those with a lactose intolerance I am beyond excited to announce the launch of Topper’s lactose free pizza. Those who love pizza as much as I do now have the option of lactose-free mozzarella for the first time in Canada thanks to pizza chain Toppers. The mozzarella is basically the same type Topper’s use on their regular pizzas, but it’s lactose-free. This mozzarella, made by Lactalis, is made with 100% Canadian milk and has the same great taste, stretch, and golden browning of traditional mozzarella.

Last week for lunch my family and I tried the gluten-free crust pizza with lactose-free cheese.The cheese is unbelievable. You can’t taste the difference at all.

lactose free pizza

There is a wild craze right now for cauliflower crust pizza. You haven’t heard about it, have you? Halle Berry and Oprah are among the celebrities who enjoy the healthier alternative to conventional dough.  As someone who is always looking to add a nutritious twist to her foods, I was excited to try the crust. In comparison to regular crust, I found the cauliflower crust to be thinner and lighter. The cauliflower flavor wasn’t very strong, which was surprising. Kids won’t even notice the difference in flavor. I did notice that the crust got a little crispy around the edges.Ordering it again is definitely on my list.

With so many toppings and specialty pizzas to choose from, Toppers Pizza is truly a one-stop shop. There are 37 Toppers locations in Ontario, including one in my city, Belleville.

Win FREE Pizza from Toppers

Bring the amazingly delicious taste of Topper’s Pizza home to your table tonight! Haven’t tried Topper’s lactose-free mozzarella yet? Here’s your chance to win one of six $25.00 Toppers gift cards.

This contest is open to all legal residents of Ontario at least 18 years of age within the communities Topper’s Pizza operate. Strategic Partners and Staff, Corporate Staff, Franchise Partners, and In-Store Employees of Topper’s Pizza and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each are not eligible to enter the giveaway.

Contest Entry: How to Enter:

Leave a comment on this post letting us know if you are a regular customer of Topper’s. If you are what do you think of Topper’s? Why do you want to win dinner on Topper’s Pizza and Today’s Woman? You must comment on this blog post to be entered.

Be sure to follow and like Today’s Woman’s Facebook page to stay up to date on other giveaways. For an added entry tag your friends, so they can participate and If you share your post on your personal page, please tag @todayswomanco.  Don’t forget to follow Topper’s Pizza on Facebook. and follow Topper’s Pizza Belleville for new offers.


At the end of the giveaway period, six (6) submissions will be selected and will win a $25 gift card to Topper’s Pizza. Today’s Woman will make two (2) attempts to contact the potential winner of this prize via email within 5 days from the time the winner was selected. If unable to reach a potential winner via email  within this 5-day period, the winner will be disqualified, and an alternate winner will be selected.  The odds of winning the contest are dependent upon the total number of eligible entries received for the contest period.  If local to Belleville you will be required to pick up the gift card from Today’s Woman. If you live within another province where Topper’s Pizza operates then the gift card will be mailed to you.

Giveaway ends Sunday, July 31st 2022 at 1:00 pm EST.


Waiver: Upon acceptance of the prize, Winners agree to have their name published on Today’s Woman website, Today’s Woman Facebook and/or any other Today’s Woman social media channels.


Win pizza for a year

Help spread the word about Lactose-Free Mozzarella from Topper’s Pizza and win pizza for a year!

About Topper’s Pizza

toppers breadsticks

Topper’s Franchising Company Inc. is an award-winning pizzeria company, launched in 1982 in Sudbury, Ontario. It now operates 37 locations throughout the province. For a list of Topper’s locations, go to and select “Delivery” for a drop-down list of locations or select “Takeout” to view all locations.


Giveaway Winners

Congratulation to our Topper Giveaway winners:

Rebecca Twist
Mary Blake
Kimberley beaudrie Jamieson
Sarah G
Ken Debono


Stephanie Fernandes passed her winnings on, therefore our 6th winner is Rebecca Sagriff.

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50 thoughts on “Lactose free pizza- Rejoice with Toppers Giveaway

  1. I have yet to have the chance to try Toppers Pizza. I like pizza, but it always hurts my stomach, so I don’t eat it often. Knowing they offer a lactose free pizza means I can eat it and not have to worry about pain after! With the rising costs of everything, it would be amazing to know one dinner is all paid for!
    Thank you for the chance at this contest! I would be beyond great full to be able to try their pizza.

  2. We are regular customers of toppers now that they offer a dairy free option for cheese! Its great to be able to eat pizza with my family!
    It would be great to win because we have a birthday coming up and pizza is a great party favourite!!!

    1. I have not tried Toppers pizza yet but l have heard wonderful things about their pizza. This would be a great opportunity to entice me to buy pizza there on a regular basis! I love chicken pepperoni and roasted red peppers on mine!😊

  3. Have not had a chance to try it yet but my grandson is Lactose intolerance and it would be a great date night if we won.

  4. I have tried toppers and love their pizza. I have recently found out I have an issue with dairy. I would love to win this giveaway. I am so excited to try this pizza out! Thanks for letting me know about the lactose free pizza!!!

  5. Would love to try toppers pizza and would be a great night for the boyfriend & I. We don’t get out much because bills are so expensive now a days we don’t really have left over money to go out! Thank you for the opportunity and Goodluck to everyone that has entered! Xx take care!

    1. I have never tried toppers but would definitely love to my in laws eat there all the time and love it

  6. Would love to win. I didn’t even know toppers had lactose free pizza. I’ve never been ! New to area in the last 2yrs haven’t discovered too much because of covid! I’m lactose intolerant!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I would love to try this pizza, I have heard good things, so this would be a place to go. We usually can’t afford one after we hit the ‘casino’ lol, always hoping to win enough to buy one. i guess we should do the pizza thing first… Hope to win

  8. I have never tried Toppers Pizza but I would love to! Thanks for the opportunity 😊

    1. I have never tried Toppers Pizza before but love trying new places. The lactose free pizza is an amazing idea and would be such a treat for my step son as pizza is he favourite food but he recently found out he has a lactose sensitivity. I work 12 hour shifts as a PSW at a local hospital and although I love my job I am often exhausted by the time I get off work and spend the rest of my night catching up on house chores. Not having to prepare dinner for one night would be an absolute blessing to me . Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. My daughter and I can’t have gluten and I can’t have lactose. Toppers makes an amazing gluten free crust and now to be able to have cheese on my pizza with the lactose free cheese, this would be perfection!

  10. winning would be just an awesome treat for the fam of 5! I have a little one on the way and a free night out would be nice! Plus we LOVE pizza

  11. I’ve never had toppers pizza before but really want to try it! As a full time working mother of 5 beautiful kids I’d love to have relief from making dinner after working 9hrs. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. I would love to win this! It would mean a night where meal prep would be eliminated & a treat for my family to eat takeout. We love pizza! Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. I love Toppers Pizza and their dippings…. Thank you for the chance of winning

  13. I am a Big fan of toppers pizza! I would like to win dinner from Toppers to surprise my kids with a family pizza night.

  14. I would love to win a pizza from Toppers. My hubby and myself have never had a pizza from Toppers. Over the years we always stayed with the same place due to prices. I would love to win a free pizza. It could be the beginning of a new place to order dinner from.

  15. Very exciting a chance to possibly win something … my 16month old granddaughter lovesss pizza…

  16. Haven’t had toppers in so long I forget what it even tastes like! Though I know those advertisements look delicious!!! Would love a chance to win! Thanks in advance

    1. Never had Toppers but have been dying to try it! Would love to have a chance to win!
      Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  17. Toppers has always been a favourite of mine. I absolutely love their apple pizza dessert 🤤

  18. Ohhh I would love a chance to try lactose free! I can’t recall if I have had their pizza but since having my gabbladder out in March my diet needs to be watched closely lol

  19. I’ve never had a pizza from Toppers. Where are you in Trenton. It looks delicious, good luck to all the contestants.

      1. I have tried Toppers its amazing,lots of toppings and great sauce,pizza is the absolute favorite food in this house with all my family so thanks for thos chance to win 😊

  20. I love their topper sticks because I have a house full of toddlers and tiny humans and they’re perfect for tiny hands. I’d be excited to win because it’s always nice to be able to spoil my family with extra treats and surprises like this!

  21. My family and I enjoy going to Topper’s pizza sometimes. The boys usually get a regular pizza and I enjoy the Jalapeño Popper Sticks. I would like to win because it would give me the perfect excuse to go back! Thank you so much for the chance!

  22. I’ve never tried Topper’s Pizza even though I’ve heard the radio commercials and driven by the bakery/parlour many times. My wife and I love pizza but can only have it occasionally since I’m kind of lactose intolerant. I’d love to try the lactose free pizza some day with my wife. Who knows, it may become our go-to pizza place!

    1. I specifically never order pizza because my family has a lactose intolerance. It’s so nice to hear that Toppers is doing this!

  23. Toppers has amazing pizza deals! And great flavor to boot! One time, I asked them to give me extra bacon on my pizza, they asked “What do you mean by extra?” I said, “Could you maybe like, smother it with bacon?” Without missing a beat, the guy on the phone said “Oh, like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, consider it smothered.” I gave the man a $10 tip for that alone :p Always trust Toppers!!

  24. I love Topper’s Pizza. I would love to win the giveaway. I am moving back to Belleville on the 1st and this would be great to win.

    1. We are new to the area and have never tried Toppers Pizza before. Life is crazy with a toddler so this would be such a treat to not have to cook 1 night, just pick up dinner and enjoy it! Plus it’s a bonus that you offer lactose free! Excited to try it either way. Thanks for the chance 🙂

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