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What Are the Easiest Instruments to Learn?

Most people learn how to play an instrument in their childhood or youth, which is good because children usually learn faster than grown-ups. But it’s never too late to pick up learning an instrument or to freshen up old skills. Grown-ups with the desire to learn to play an instrument have plenty of possibilities, but the choice of instrument can be crucial for learning success and for your dedication.


These Factors Are Important in Selecting an Instrument


When it comes to choosing the perfect instrument for oneself, it’s important to pay attention to different criteria. While doing research, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Is an instrument rather easy or complex to learn? If it´s complex, do you have prior knowledge you can benefit from – like being able to read notes?
  • Is your favored instrument easy to get by? Can you afford it? Is there a possibility to rent it?
  • How big is the instrument? A piano might not fit into a small apartment, but you might have enough space for a guitar.
  • How do you plan on learning how to play – with a teacher, with YouTube tutorials, or with designated online music lessons? If you need a teacher, is there a good music school nearby?
  • What do you imagine yourself playing? If singing along to your favorite songs at a bonfire is what you want to do, focus on instruments that make it possible.


In the following sections, you´ll find some basic information on different popular instruments and also on the learning process. The more you know about your options, the more profound your decision will be.


The Best Musical Instruments for Beginners





When researching instruments for grown-up beginners, you´ll most certainly stumble upon the guitar. It’s one of the most popular instruments around the world, mainly because of its beautiful sound and because it’s a great accompaniment for other instruments. But above all, it’s fairly easy to learn. There are plenty of possibilities, and as soon as you know the basics, you can start playing along to songs.

There are websites, where you can upload your favorite songs and which then produce the matching guitar chords. That way, you can turn songs into sheet music, which helps you in your learning process.



Playing Ukulele

The ukulele is less versatile than the guitar, but also easier to learn. As the instrument is fairly inexpensive, it’s more affordable and easier to get by. If you´re unsure whether you´ll pull the whole thing through, it might be smart to invest in a ukulele instead of a guitar. Even though the ukulele holds fewer chords than a guitar, you can play along to songs and have them turned into sheet music.




Many adult beginners choose the harmonica as their first instrument. The so-called “Blues Harp” is often underestimated and sometimes even used as a toy for children. But it takes more to make real music with a harmonica than just randomly blowing into it. Once you know, how to produce the notes you want to play, you´re good to go. The best thing about the harmonica? You can always have it with you because it’s so small. That way, you can start playing whenever you feel inspired.




Bongos are a great choice if you love Salsa or Cuban-inspired music. Playing the two conjured drums is mainly about rhythm. That’s why you don’t necessarily need lessons to pick up on playing. Percussion instruments help you with your rhythm skills, too, which is great if, at some point, you decide to learn another instrument.



Playing Piano

We admit it – the piano is not an easy instrument to learn. Yet, it has made it on our list. Why? Because playing the piano trains your focus skills and helps you escape the everyday. Grown-up beginners love the effect that piano lessons have on them and that are sometimes even described as therapeutic, but it does take dedication and consistency to make progress.

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