The Donut Effect: The Top Job Market Trends in 2023

COVID-19 has impacted the economy in irrevocable ways. The pandemic has changed the migration patterns, drastically increasing the real estate prices in the suburban areas while doing the opposite for the city centers. The virus has also affected the job market. Some companies went bankrupt, while others went into a distant mode, transferring all company’s processes into the digital realm. 

Sure, most events are impossible to predict, let alone to track down their possible consequences. But are there job market trends in 2023 that we can already know about? Check the answer in the article below.  

Which Factors Influence Job Market Trends? 

Geopolitics, demographics, technologization, and internal changes in each industry are the top factors influencing job market trends. It might be time to update your current resume. Unfortunately, even if you found an answer to ‘Who can write my resume for me?’, it doesn’t mean you solved the job search problem.

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Job Market

The main factors shaping the job market trends are: 
  • Competition level. With more individuals comes a fiercer competition for money and attention. For instance, getting more followers was much easier when YouTube started in the 2000s. However, more people discovered the power of YouTube, leading to the platform being ‘overpopulated’ with influencers; 
  • Job turnover. As sad as it is, nailing an unpopular job is much easier than getting the one everyone wants. The good news is that unpopular jobs don’t imply low wages;  
  • Industrialization level. If most processes are automated, there is a higher chance for a decrease in the positions that have been automated; 
  • Demographic factors. Skilled migration and an aging workforce are the top factors influencing the situation regarding demographic changes. 
#1: Staying Remote 

Remote working allowed millions of businesses to reduce costs, save employees’ salaries, and fight COVID. In 2023, companies will keep transferring their business operations and services to the digital space. This trend won’t surprise anyone since the rise of delivery services and digital advertising were premises for businesses staying remote. Hence, working from home and seeing your boss on the screen will be the ‘new normal’ again. 

What to remember when working from home? 

  • Plan your day with the use of digital planners and other software; 
  • Make sure your Internet connection is steady; 
  • Find the at-home space that will be devoted strictly to your work.  
#2: GenZs Will Keep Joining the Workforce 

Yes, the youngest generation gets older each year. In 2023, GenZs will compete with Millennials, comprising almost equal parts of the workforce, 25% and 35%, respectively.  

How will the job market change?  

  • GenZs are the tech-savviest generation that values entrepreneurship, freedom, and the lack of authority. There is a high chance GenZs will stand against the most rigid policies, resulting in more flexibility and diversity in the workplace; 
  • From now on, GenZs will be the top competitors to Millennials. But can these two generations coexist? The future will show it. 
#3: Healthcare Industry Will Keep Rising  

Okay, we might understand why the IT sector won’t lose its growth. But why will healthcare job positions be in the highest demand ever? Let’s look at the past three years. The pandemic has taught us that we should always be ready for sudden, unpredictable events. Two years passed, and the monkeypox hit the world again. Sure, it hasn’t caused another pandemic, but the need for an improved response from the healthcare system still exists.  

Other causes for growing healthcare are the aging population and businesses going digital. The last reason created a necessity for medical assistants and medical secretaries, registered nurses, and personal care aides. So if 2023 is a big milestone in your life, opt for starting a career in the healthcare sector. 

#4: Influencing Industry Will Get Tied Down With the Economy 

The pandemic brought huge popularity to TikTok. If you followed the trend, you might have already won your first million. Yeap, discovering TikTok was huge for people stuck at home with COVID-19 tests and masks. In the end, online influence turned into another money-promising work segment, equally important and popular in the IT or design industries. 

Job Market trends


  • In 2023, influencers will have to keep their content economically friendly due to the global discord that has already hit economies worldwide. Get ready to read more on sustainable budget fashion and home cooking;  
  • Brands and influencers will be the closest ever with influencers leading the campaigns and attending more brand-organized events. 
#5: The Gig Economy Will Get Bigger  

Another ‘new normal’ in 2023. Up to 90% of transportation services are gigs on Lyft and Uber. Yeap, the shocking statistics prove again the power of quick services and new technologies combined. As a result, more 9-to-5 employees will join freelancing platforms or try to start a new business.  

  • The companies will have a better opportunity to hire hard-to-find and hard-skilled workers; 
  • More individuals will turn their ‘side hustle’ into a permanent job;  
  • With platforms like Etsy, the design and art craft industry will get more globalized. 
#6: More Immigrants and Refugees Will Join the Workforce 

The Russian aggression against Ukraine hit the global order in a way equal to World War II. Millions lost their homes and fled the country to save their lives. In 2023, Europe and America will see a rapid increase in the immigrant workforce. This will positively influence the local economies, adding more diversity and capital investment.  

Final Thoughts 

In general, 2023 will be a year of an upgraded gig economy, flexible schedules, and better work-and-life balance. Due to migration and the global crisis, more immigrants will become part of the western workforce. Healthcare and the influencing industry will experience the biggest changes among all sectors. Be prepared for the changes, upgrade your skills, and compose a bot-beating resume to start a new career next year. 

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck! 

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