Travel Tips for Long Distance Journeys

Traveling for long distances is generally speaking, not something many of us enjoy. However, in order to get to far flung countries and experience exotic vacations, it is sometimes necessary. If you consider yourself part of the camp that dreads long haul flights or cross country train travel, then we have some tips for long distance journeys to help the whole ordeal run a little more smoothly. So, buckle in!

Pack A Pamper Hamper

Most of us put more effort into preparing our pets for a long distance journey than we do ourselves. We make sure they’ve got somewhere comfortable to sleep, something to keep them amused, and always plenty to eat and drink, but when was the last time you put that amount of thought into your own travel plans? Particularly when flying, we often land at the destination feeling sleepy and irritable, not to mention dehydrated from the air conditioning. There’s absolutely no reason for this though. Next time you travel, pack yourself a bag of essentials that will make sure you arrive at your destination looking great and feeling refreshed.

Begin with a do it yourself, mini-spa kit. Most countries have rules on the amount of liquid you can travel with, so treat yourself to some miniatures of your favorite lotions and potions. Cleanse your face as the plane takes off, then apply a soothing serum. Once that has had plenty of time to sink in, follow it up with a hydrating moisturizer. A sleep mask and some noise cancelling headphones will help to ensure that you arrive at your destination feeling well rested.

Nerd Out

long distance journeys

Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized you don’t have a clue how to get to your hotel, or don’t know enough of the language to book a taxi? It’s common to feel a little under prepared when we arrive in a totally new country, but that doesn’t make it any less overwhelming. To avoid that feeling, treat yourself to a guide book to read on the way. A good guide book should show you some key phrases, describe some points of interest in the place that you’re visiting and give tips on local cuisine.  Although it might seem an old-fashioned approach to going on holiday, guide books have stood the test of time for a reason.

Another nice way to prepare yourself for your eventual destination is to read a book that is based there. For popular tourist spots you’ll have a choice of hundreds of books, but even the most obscure countries usually have a book or two set in them. Getting to read a work of fiction that’s based in a real place helps you to develop a feel for somewhere before you set foot there. The best writers really capture the essence of the place they are writing about, so reading their work should leave you feel excited in anticipation of what your break might be like. Better still, if you ever pick that book up again, you’ll be transported straight back to your own adventures.

Get Your Game On

Not all of us enjoy reading and that’s absolutely fine, for those people having a whole host of games to play is the best way to ensure you never get bored on a long journey again. The games you choose depend entirely on your personal preference, but if you can save a little money when you’re putting together your boredom cure then why not? For those that enjoy casino style games there are plenty of ways to make your money stretch further. It’s surprisingly easy to find casino bonuses online if you know where to look. Instead of pouring over search results, try heading to a dedicated site instead. Vegas Slots Online has put together a list of the most competitive casino bonuses available at the moment. All you need to do is scroll through and find the one that suits your gaming style the best.


For other gamers, there are ways that you can save money too. If you enjoy traditional games like sudoku, crosswords, chess and the like, then instead of downloading several different mobile apps to play each one, you can use just one app instead. The Plato mobile app is a good option, as it has more than thirty games in one place. Even the most easily distracted person, on the longest of long-haul flights, would struggle to get bored of thirty games! Finding multi-game apps like this frees up space on your mobile for those holiday snaps when you arrive at your destination too.

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