My Squishy Little Golden Dumpling

My Squishy Little Dumplings

My Squishy Little Dumplings These Squishy Little Dumplings are fun electronic dolls, which work like blind dolls, only showing their dumpling head at first. Once you remove their feet stand, you can squeeze your dumpling’s cheeks and they will pop out their little body. There are four different My Squishy Little Dumplings to collect plus Dart the limited edition Golden Dumpling. Each one has its own different body color and accessories. The characters are Dee, Dot, Dip, Doe, and Dart.

The Squishy Little Dumplings come with:

  • My Squishy Little Dumplings Character
  • My Squishy Little Dumplings stand
  • Accessories
  • Instructions

The adorable interactive toys have over 50 reactions, light-up cheeks, and they express cute sounds. Scan the QR code in the gallery to meet a Squishy Little pal!

How To Play Tips

My Squishy Little Dumplings


Always remove the stand on their feet before playing or holding them in their hand. The stand is only for display purposes.

  • Push the body back in and turn them over to hear “Wee Woo Boomba”.
  • Squeeze and hold cheeks to tickle them and hear their giggle.
  • Squeeze the cheeks twice to hear them sing their favorite song.
  • Always make sure the switch on the back is “ON” and not in “Try Me” mode.
  • Press the cheeks and the body pops out with a cute pop sound and flashing lights.
  • Place your character down and he tries to get attention by singing and talking leave him a bit longer and he will fall asleep with cute little snores.

Dart the limited edition Golden Dumpling

My Squishy Little Dumplings

Meet Dart the limited edition Golden Dumpling, he’s an adorable little interactive character with a BIG personality, and has the most special accessories to match! Squeeze Darts cheeks, watch his limited edition gold chrome body pop out and bring his personality to life!

Dart has his own fun personality and comes with 2 accessories to match! Dart comes decked out with two limited edition accessories – totally cool gold bar sunglasses and a crown! His ultra-rare gold chrome body and matching accessories set him apart from the rest of the Squishy Little squad.

My Squishy Little Dumplings

The lights on Dart’s head tell you how he is feeling. Pink is loving, yellow is dreamy, orange is amused, green is energetic, red is silly and rainbow is ‘so happy.
My Squishy Little Dumplings NEW Music Video “Not Another Pop Song!”

Dart made a musical debut in the Squishy Little Dumplings band. The band premiered their first music video on Aug. 13 with squish friends ​​Doe, Dip, Dee, and Dot. Their new song also features Peace the Peach, Mel the Marshmallow, and Coco the Cotton Candy Cloud, alongside the three original squishy band members. The new Squishy Little Dumplings single “Not Another Pop Song!” is a fun song for your kids to dance along with.

This holiday season give the perfect pal. Gift a My Squishy Little Dumplings.

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