Victoria Christmas Tinsel

As a traditional holiday decoration staple, tinsel became popular in Canada in the 1950s and 1960s after being invented in Europe in the 1600s. I remember being a little girl in the 70s when our Christmas tree was dripping with thin, sparkly strands of tinsel. Over the years, tinsel decoration have declined in popularity. However, for the last three years it has been back and trending in homes across the US and Canada. While Rachel Epstein, Interiors Expert and Creative Director of CARME Home, may be telling you to ditch the Christmas tinsel this year, we at Today’s Woman are telling you to go ahead and add some silver tinsel to your tree.

In fact, the tinsel we recommend is made from tin plated steel and is a great addition to holiday lights. The tinsel is available in packs of 50 pieces. As light reflects from each of the twisted 5 1/2″ pieces, they sparkle and twinkle. You can pick between silver, multi colour, red or blue. Adding a touch of Victorian tinsel to your Christmas tree will enhance its sparkle.

Victoria Christmas Tinsel

Just affixed the silvery ornaments to your tree or garland until you reached the desired sparkle level. Unlike traditional garland, I enjoy the way the tinsel ornaments have just enough sparkle without overpowering the ornaments on our tree.

How to decorate your tree

After fluffing the branches, add lights to your tree. If adding beads or lights, they should be placed around the tree before adding ornaments, just like your lights. If you are like me and like to add bows to your tee now is the time to add them. Next, add your ornaments. Put ornaments inside the branches of the tree to add depth to your tree. Use Victoria Christmas Tinsel to fill in any overtly blank spots on the tree. Add the tree topper, stand back and admire.

Pietersma Tinworks

Victoria Christmas TinselIt all began more than 30 years ago when founder Greg Pietersma embarked on a mission to become a tinsmith. He commenced his apprenticeship by working as an assistant tinsmith at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. In the early days of his career there, Greg’s ambition was to work for the best and learn from them. Eventually, his desire led him to Eastfield Village in New York, where he studied with Master Tinsmith William McMillen. In the years that followed, Greg continued to learn from the best. In Victorian times, these unique Christmas decorations and decor pieces were created by tinsmiths for their own trees and homes. Pietersma Tinworks has been in existence for over 30 years and now Garrett VanderBurg is proud to Pietersma’s legacy by continuing to make handcrafted items, such as Victoria Christmas Tinsel. Garrett is an aspiring tinsmith as well as a toolmaker and diemaker. His family is honoured to carry on Greg’s work and the Pietersma Tinworks name.

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