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UDARELY Fir Double Walled Mugs

Make your favourite hot beverage even more festive with a Christmas mug. As soon as the holiday season comes around, my oldest child is asking my wife to break out the Christmas mugs. If yours are old and shabby, or you just want to add some holiday cheer to your kitchen, why not invest in a new set of Double Walled Mugs from Udarely.

Snowflake double wall mug

These Christmas Mugs are crafted from high-quality Borosilicate Glass, which provides a smooth finish and a crystal-clear look. They are highly durable and heat-resistive, so they can keep your beverage warm or cold for hours.  But, it’s not all about function here. This very festive holiday mug has a fake snow cover silicone lid that you can use to keep your coffee warm, or it can also function as a coaster that can be placed at the bottom of your mug! The design of the lid fits the shape of the mug perfectly, making it even more festive.

Christmas Mugs

If you can get past the attractive design, you can also see white and gold snowflakes completely covering the entire mug. As the star is located at the bottom of the mug, but at the top of the tree, these mugs look attractive displayed in your kitchen when not in use.

In comparison to conventional glass, these mugs are extremely durable. You would think that they are fragile, but that is further from the truth.

Double Walled Mugs

Even if you are not a coffee drinker, these mugs will bring joy to your home. They can be used for hot chocolate or your favourite tea too. As well as keeping beverages warm, these holiday mugs are the ideal way to serve eggnog or serve up a mudslide for dessert.

The tree double wall mugs get to the heart of the holidays.  Why not gift a set  to someone on your holiday list that could use some cheer this holiday season.


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