How Allegations of Sexual Abuse Can Affect a Divorce Case

Unfortunately, marital sexual abuse is quite widespread. Moreover, it may be even more damaging than a sexual assault committed by a stranger. While rape is abuseusually a one-time thing, marital sexual abuse can last for many years. It is reported that every fourth rape is committed by fiancés and husbands.

Marital rape victims usually refuse to address their problem as a crime simply because they are dependent on their abusive spouses both legally and financially or don’t feel like ending their relationships for the sake of their kids. Sometimes, victims of marital sexual abuse put a blind eye to their issue and thus make it more difficult to report instances of sexual assault, to be blunt.


No matter how hard it is for you to break with your abusive spouse, housemate, or fiancé, you should do your best to get rid of this relationship if not for your own sake then at least for the sake of your children. So and in no other way, you can protect yourself and your little ones from continued violence and its damaging consequences. This is not something like an addiction which could be sorted by Kosher recovery at RACNJ – substance abuse might be part of it but that’s still no reason you should stay.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Up With Marital Rape


Take note that until the 70s, nobody was punished for sexual assault in the United States. Nowadays, some states still need to bring some changes to their criminal justice system to ensure that domestic sexual abuse is considered illegal. Even though criminal law is meant to protect victims of domestic violence, some states still face problems punishing sexual abusers. This greatly affects the victims of marital rape who have been having a rough time already.

It is our responsibility to let as many people as possible know about the problem of domestic sexual abuse. Raising awareness about the marital rape problem is the initial step in addressing it. The #MeToo movement has helped to throw more light on this issue already. Thereby, those living with abusive partners under one roof feel safer telling their friends and family about their problem, addressing it, and getting the needed help.

People who live in unhealthy marriages where they face domestic violence every blessed day get emotional trauma that can affect their well-being for the rest of their life. If you are one of them, you should realize that what your partner is doing is not right and that you should seek help as soon as possible. Don’t even think about living by cheek and jowl with an abusive spouse any day longer or let him or her escape punishment by starting a no-fault case and looking for a do it yourself divorce kit !

How Allegations of Sexual Abuse Can Affect a Divorce Case

How Your Circumstances Can Affect Your Divorce

How Allegations of Sexual Abuse Can Affect a Divorce Case

In the United States, everybody can get an easy divorce online and for this, no case is required to be made. Thereby, an increasing amount of people strive to file divorce online. However, if you are a victim of domestic abuse, then don’t take the easy route. Even though it is hard to prove sexual abuse mainly because it leaves no bodily injury that can be used as evidence in court, you cannot let it go whatever it takes.

Don’t neglect to start a contested case. If you get a good lawyer who will be able to prove your case in court, then you will probably win the case, especially if you strive to receive full custody of your kids and spousal support. The first thing you should take care of when separating from your abusive partner is yours and your children’s safety. For this, don’t neglect to get a restraining order and surround yourself with supportive people. No matter whether or not you can prove marital rape, you will probably be granted the requested ruling so that you feel perfectly safe.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Up With Marital RapeSexual abuse is widespread across all nations and married women are more likely than their partners to be abused. They usually tend to bow to reality and thus decide to stay in their marriage for whatever reason or just file a no-fault divorce to prepare cheap divorce papers online. This is a very difficult situation to solve, as abused wives experience ongoing humiliation which usually results in serious emotional and psychological trauma that is hard to overcome alone. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then don’t hesitate to contact the domestic violence hotline and seek the needed help. Do your best to break up with your abusive spouse immediately and find a safe place to go as soon as possible.


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