5 Critical Habits For Good Mental Health

5 Critical Habits For Good Mental Health

Women are strong and amazing. But even though we are awesome, we still struggle with our mental health. It can be something as simple as the emotions and changes we go through after giving birth, changing hormones of menopause, the daily stress we face at work, or a traumatic experience that gets us down. Good mental health is something you need to work for. Just as you need to work for good physical health. It doesn’t come on its own. There are steps you can take to improve your overall mental health no matter what situations you’re facing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Helpmental health

I think this is the most important one. So often us women feel like we have to do it on our own. It’s almost like we feel we are in a competition at who can be the most independent. Unfortunately, this mindset has caused a lot of trauma for women. It starts when we’re young too. We learn to cope with issues with alcohol and disconnection.

Then the cycle is perpetuated in our own kids and we wonder why it’s like this. It’s vital to ask for help when you or a teen need it. If you’re facing teen substance issues in California, Georgia, or even New York, there are professionals who can walk you and your family through whatever mental health challenge you’re facing. But ask for help.

Exercise and Get Outside DailyExercise and Get Outside Daily

Exercise and sunshine are incredible. They have the power to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and give you an overall feeling of goodness. Sunshine helps your body create much-needed Vitamin D which is essential for brain health. When you have a healthy brain, you have a healthy mind. Getting outdoors in nature several times throughout the week can give you just the mental health boost you need. Just the right amount of daily exercise can help you whether you just had a baby, or simply need to get up and move more.

Give Yourself a BreakGive Yourself a Break

I know it’s hard to take a break. This is especially true for you mamas out there. When your kids are little, it seems like all you do is take care of someone else’s needs. It’s easy to let your needs fall by the wayside. You might be overloaded at work and try to work through breaks. You might be running on empty just to get everything done when you get home. You need to take a break. Take care of yourself and use the skincare products of Etude House to pamper your face and body.

Don’t work through your lunches. Take those 15-minute breaks. Get out, walk, do something other than sitting at your desk. Take your vacation time even if it’s just a day for you to spend by yourself to watch Netflix and chill. Breaks from your routine can provide much-needed rest for your mind and your soul.

Be Mindful and Positivemindlefullness

Mindfulness comes in many forms. At its core, mindfulness means that you are in tune with yourself and what you need. Learn your triggers and your reactions. Learn how to manage big emotions. Journal your thoughts. Journal your gratitude. Think and speak positive things over yourself. Don’t let those negative voices replay in your head.

Find a new script to tell yourself and start thinking and speaking those words over yourself, your life, and your situations. Being positive doesn’t mean you ignore the bad, it means that you don’t elevate the bad things to the biggest place in your life. You recognize them, but also recognize that they don’t need to control your mind.

Eat Healthy Foods and DessertEat Healthy Foods and Dessert

Healthy eating helps to reduce inflammation in the body and improves your brain health. Healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and even meats all contribute the essential nutrients and building blocks you need to have a healthy mind and body. The problem is that many people go extreme one way or the other.

They might say “I’m never eating dessert again,” they spend their time eating healthy but feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and deprived. This can lead to binge eating and further mental health decline. Yes, you should eat healthy food if you want good mental health. But you should also enjoy dessert on occasion just because.

Women who do these 5 things regularly experience better mental health than those who do not. It’s important to seek out help for major mental health issues and to ask for help with daily tasks as well. I know you are amazing, but you don’t need to do everything yourself.

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