How to Treat Your Parents on Their 60th Birthday

The big 60 is an important milestone in anyone’s life, and it should be celebrated as such. Although treating anybody on their birthday is the perfect way to show them how much you care, going the extra mile is important when it comes to bigger birthdays like this. If you have a parent who is about to turn 60, celebrating with them is even more special as it’s an opportunity to show your gratitude for everything they have done for you and still do even now that you’re an adult. Show your parent some love for their 60th Birthday with the following ideas.

A Thoughtful Gift

60th birthday

Even if they insist that they don’t want anything for their birthday, it’s always nice to receive a gift. The simplest way to show your parents some love on their 60th Birthday is by getting them something personal, and you can see some brilliant ideas for 60th birthday gifts here. Getting them something practical is smart, but it should also be something that they might get for themselves because this makes it a real treat. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, a gorgeous food hamper, or something else you know they’ll love, a birthday gift will always be appreciated and is a must for big birthdays like this.

Plan a Surprise Party

6oth party

One of the best ways to celebrate anything is by hosting a brilliant party with all your friends and family. If you want to show your parent how many people adore them, planning a surprise 60th birthday party could be the ideal way to do this. Choose a venue that means something to them, whether that’s a favorite restaurant, sports club, or another location that they have fond memories of. Ensure everyone knows that this is a surprise party so nobody spills the beans and organizes catering for the occasion. The venue might be able to help you with this, and you could even have a signature drink served, such as your parent’s favorite cocktail, for example. There are plenty of decorations you can buy at specialist party supply stores for a 60th Birthday, too. Just remember to come up with a good cover story to get them to the venue on time!

Intimate Dinner

6oth birthday

If your parent isn’t keen on big parties, then perhaps an intimate dinner with close family members is a better idea? You could cook dinner at home and invite people over if you don’t mind hosting a dinner party, or you could always book a table at a fancy restaurant to mark the occasion. You could even ask if you could get a private room at the restaurant if possible so that your group has more privacy to enjoy the celebrations. If you are going to dine at a restaurant, most places will let you bring in a birthday cake and serve that at the end of your meal for dessert.

If you want to show your parent a good time for their 60th Birthday, consider the options above as these are all great ways to show them how much they mean to you and are things the whole family can get involved with.

60th birthday

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