Who Gamblers More – Men or Women?

If you haven’t read the latest statistics on the difference between male and female gamblers in particular in Canada, then you would probably assume that women gamble less than men. However, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

When it comes to online gambling, over 80% of men are the players, and the remaining 20% are women. If we include the numbers for the brick-and-mortar venues, then this number tends to balance out. This shows that even though men may be gambling more than women, the balance indicated by the two ‘platforms’ shows a slight difference in the average percentages.

Turns out men are less likely to admit defeat than women. It may depend on the personalities or some innate need not to hurt their pride. The jury is still out on this statistic.

If you did not look at online casino mit google play bezahlen stats, then you would probably assume that men gamble more than women. This is spot on if we only look at gambling online, where 80% of participants are male and just 20% are female.

However, brick-and-mortar stats will give you a more balanced picture. Around 43% of women declare that they do not take part in gambling, while 37% of men say the same thing. What this shows us is that men do gamble more than women, but the percentage difference is not as high as many expect.

Suffice it to say, answering the question of who gamblers more, is not as easy a conclusion as one may think. It depends entirely on the country, availability of casino venues, reasons for playing, online gambling sites, and more. One thing we do know is if you are keen on becoming one, there are a few strategies and tips to help you to improve your game, no matter what gender you are. Let’s touch on a few of these below.  If you are looking for minimum deposit casinos they can be found at


5 Strategies to Help Improve the Game In front of You

1. Choose the better websites

Casino Winning

First and foremost, choosing the best platform will help this cause. Choosing a legitimate licensed and regulated platform will always be better than a fake, or less popular one. You’ll be able to find their licenses at the bottom of the home page, and be sure to check that the provider has games that you actually want to play – after all, you will want to have fun and you’ll only do that by playing games you like.

2. Take advantage of free offerings

Playing with the bonuses that are offered, is another way to improve your game. Casinos always offer free bonuses, free spins, and no-deposit bonuses for both new and existing players. Other things to take advantage of include referral bonuses, high roller prizes, reload bonuses, and match deals, to name a few.

3. Go for high RTPs


Choose the games with the highest RTP (Return to the player) this means if a game has an RTP of 98% the more you will acquire more when you win. In this case, the casino keeps 2% and you get the remaining. Different games may have different RTP percentages so make sure you check this before you spin something.

4. Stake the odds

Grasping the strategies of each game is also key. The better you know the game, the better you will be able to play it and find neat tricks to conquer your opponent – either another player or the machine itself. An example is to stake on the odds of any game. An example of a game like baccarat is one good way to do this when the banker places your bet.

5. Quit when you start winning


Once you start winning, start quitting. This may sound odd but it’s a good strategy. Any people who get a streak of winning, continue to play more and more until that streak ends and they end up losing everything they made. Take a step back and stop playing for a little while, then come back to the game if you think it’s the best one. don’t get fooled into thinking you will win every game.

Learning these and other similar strategies will help you get to grips with not only winning but also enjoying the game while you are playing.



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