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Tips for Successfully Living Out of a Suitcase

Digital nomads can travel more than other people, which has given rise to a new lifestyle. Now, you have to learn the steps to living out of a suitcase. The following are a few tips to help you live this way successfully.

Join Networks

There are networks out there that can help you live out of a suitcase more effectively. Everyone needs resources, and some of these are simple like connecting to other travelers through social media networks, but other resources make things easier for you. For example, you can join an apartment network that is tailored to people like you who travel with just a suitcase. These networks give you access to furnished apartments in San Francisco and other major cities. This will prove particularly useful for those traveling light.

Reduce as Much as Possible


It’s important to appreciate the minimalist lifestyle. Remember that you don’t need to bring a lot of underwear. You can just pack a few and wash them when needed. Keep in mind that the right black slacks can be used casually and formally. It’s okay to wear the same outfit as long as it looks good and smells clean. You have to stop worrying about what other people expect, and just make sure your wardrobe works for your lifestyle. If you need a suit, you can always rent one wherever you are.

The Suitcase Matters

You’re going to be living out of your suitcase, so be sure it provides what you need. There’s a lot to consider, like making sure it’s lightweight. You’re going to be traveling from place to place, so you don’t want to carry around a heavy suitcase. You also want to make sure your suitcase or travel bag has features that’ll make it easy to handle like wheels or straps that’ll convert it into a backpack if needed. Be weather-ready if you’re going to travel to a place where it may rain or snow.

Research Before Arriving

You must know where you’re going, so make sure you do a little research because this will tell you what you have to worry about. Those who are going to be washing should find out if you’ll have access to washing machines or a laundry establishment. If not, you’ll have to make sure you take clothes you can hand wash, which usually means thin clothes made out of materials like linen. Find out if there’s a place where you can buy extra clothes if you need to, and find out if you need to bring along utensils if you’re going to be cooking at home.

Learn to Organize


Organization skills are going to come in handy. If you already have these skills, that’s good. Those who don’t have these skills should learn them because it’ll make your life as a digital nomad a little easier. For example, instead of stuffing your cables inside your luggage and having a hard time finding your cables, why not place all cables in a plastic container? You’ll want to do the same with other items, like your underwear, socks, and grooming tools. Yes, packing this way is going to take more time, but unpacking is going to be a breeze.

These are just some things that could make your life as a digital nomad easier. Try to learn as you go along. Take notes of what could make your next trip easier and incorporate those lessons.

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