Checklist When Traveling to Dangerous Parts of the World

The world can be a dangerous place, however, that should not be the reason to keep careful travelers away. If you’re a brave traveler, then here is a checklist when traveling to dangerous parts of the world.

Know the Culture

Checklist When TravellingRespect can often mean the difference between a friend and an opponent. Take the time to learn the culture of where you’re going. This could be as simple as researching what is considered offensive. Take the time to study a few videos from locals in the area or travel guides on the local culture. Do some basic research about the cultural heritage of the region. Consider learning a little of the local language and mannerisms in social situations. A little “thank you” or “good day” might go a long way!

Know the Route

Cape Town, South AfricaPlan your trip carefully and make sure that you know the route inside and out. Venturing off tourist paths can be exhilarating, but increases the chance of being lost or becoming a target. Research locations ahead of time or book the service of a trusted tour guide to show you the way to fun shops or the best taste of local cuisine.

Be Financially Prepared

This doesn’t mean knowing the local exchange rate. You should be prepared financially in case of a disaster such as an injury or untimely death. Consider purchasing life insurance. Take the time to learn the difference between term vs whole life insurance policies. For example, term life insurance provides coverage for a specific time period. If you pass away during this term, your beneficiaries receive the payout. Meanwhile, whole life insurance provides lifelong coverage but requires an investment that grows over time.

Buddy System

If at all possible, don’t travel alone. The buddy system has not been preached since elementary school for no reason: it has a good success rate. A buddy can help you plan a safe route, keep aware of your surroundings, and best of all, groups of people are not prime targets for criminals. If your best friend and you are on a break, then consider looking for a reliable tour company and arrange to join in on a group.

Protect Your Valuables

Valuables might be fun to have, but the risk of theft or destruction is very real. Invest in proper protective gear such as locked cases or waterproof cases for technology such as cameras, cellphones and for passports. Familiarize yourself with all the pockets on your pack and how you carry it. Pickpockets have quick hands and often look for distracted tourists to target.

Take Care of Your Health

Take Care of Your HealthMake an appointment with your primary care doctor prior to travel! Discuss with your doctor where you plan to travel and find out if there are any diseases you may want to be watchful of or ones that you should receive a vaccination against. This is important since access to medical care may be limited.

If at all possible, pack extra of your medication. Search and plan for the storage and safekeeping of your daily medication. The odds of finding a reputable pharmacy may be slim depending on your destination.

Most of all, the secret to traveling safely in dangerous parts of the world is knowledge. By planning ahead and preparing yourself, you can enjoy your travels to the fullest!


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