My Fairy Garden Light Garden

My Fairy Garden Light Garden

My Fairy Garden Light Garden is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about planting seeds and plant growth. The My Fairy Garden Light Garden comes with everything you need to grow your own little garden. The seed mix includes Ryegrass, Mustard, and Pea Seeds.

Included with the My Fairy Garden Light Garden is the planter basin that has a built-in working water wheel. If you fill the basin underneath the wheel with water and press the button the flower sprays water on the wheel to make it spin. There are also some little gardening tools, a watering can, and a bridge that connects to the basin. Also included are a seed packet and Fairy seed starter (the potting soil).

Fairy Light GardenAs far as assembly goes the set was quite easy to assemble. The house just simply sits on top of the molded dirt mound in the planter. Right next to the water wheel button is the place where the little garden tools can be stored.

Of course, the garden wouldn’t be complete without the little fairy house, fairy Saffron and her beautiful unicorn Calista.


The doors on the house also open and close. There is also a little light inside the top of the house. If you blow into the window, you will hear a fairy chime and the light will come on.

The instruction book includes information on how plants grow, adding some STEM learning to the play.

Within three to seven days, the plants will start to sprout.

Miss P absolutely loves fairies, and really likes her fairy garden.  I only wish it came with grass seeds as opposed to Pea Seeds.

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