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Laser Pegs are here to light up your kiddo’s imagination, one light-up brick at a time. For kids who like to build with Lego, Laser Pegs is the ultimate gift. I was first introduced to Laser Pegs back in 2015 when I reviewed them right here on Today’s Woman. Now that our youngest daughter is a huge lover of Lego I was excited to introduce her to the Laser Pegs construction sets.

Laser Pegs Helicopter

Laser Pegs Helicopter

After reviewing the 4-1 building set manual from Laser Pegs she decided to make the helicopter. This is probably the one I would have chosen too based on how cool it looked!


The laser pegs manual was very easy to follow showing what pieces we needed for each step that the entire project took us maybe 30-45 minutes to complete. The laser Pegs connect together like Lego blocks so building is quite easy.

Laser Pegs Helicopter

The difference between the Laser Pegs blocks is that they are translucent which allows the led light to pass through them easier. The Laser Pegs blocks are still colored to match what you building but they are all transparent.

After we had the helicopter completed l gave my daughter the honor of turning on the Laser Pegs led block to bring it to life. After she switched it on and saw her face light up it was truly gratifying as she was in awe as I was. l knew that she was hooked on Laser Pegs.


Seeing how she was so excited I decided why not try the other Laser Pegs Sets?

laser pegsLaser Pegs Creatures

So the next Laser Pegs set l knew she would love was the Laser Pegs Creatures set. After all what kid doesn’t get excited about creatures like dinosaurs etc…

We both decided to build the Laser Pegs T-Rex and we weren’t disappointed. Again the manual was very easy to follow and it didn’t take us long to assemble. It is a smaller set so my daughter needed little help.

One very nice touch of each of the Laser Pegs Sets is they just don’t light up, they are also interactive, with moving parts. The helicopter blade spins and the T-Rex has moving limbs, head, and jaw. Kids can use their imagination for hours of playing time. They can even combine the sets and let their imagination run wild.

It’s also nice that Laser Pegs has an APP with building instructions and how-to manuals for their building block construction sets. After all — a manual is nice, but kids today are keen to use their iPhones, Smartphones, or even their tablet as it makes it easier for them to follow along.

Laser Pegs use Laser use batteries, but there’s also an AC adapter available.

Laser Pegs 4-in1 Construction Set

Laser Pegs Light Up Mystery Truck

The Laser Pegs light-up mystery truck was the easiest of all the sets and my daughter was able to assemble it all on her own by following the guide.

Overall we love Laser Pegs, and I love that Laser Pegs work with Lego sets allowing my daughter to explore her creativity.

Laser Pegs are for children ages 5 and up and the Laser Pegs Led power block comes with batteries already included. However, it uses 3 AAA Batteries and 3 LR41 Button Batteries when it’s time to replace them.

Laser Pegs construction sets provide a safe way to foster imagination, and promote abstract thinking, motor skills problem-solving, and creativity.

About Laser Pegs®

The national award-winning Laser Pegs® is the first unique toy construction set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current. You can design and build any lighted abstract model. Laser Peg® can be used lit up or turned off. Once one Laser Peg is connected to a power source it then illuminates any other peg it is connected with, making this a very creative construction toy set. For more information visit

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