Creatto Starlight Kitty & Cutie Crew Light-Up Craft Puzzle

These new craft kits are sure to light up your life. Creatto is a simple yet versatile building system that consists of sturdy interlocking tiles made of durable plastic pieces with four-point interlocking stars which lock it all together. The entire kit includes 66 plastic tiles and 40 interlocking stars, plus a LED light string that’s battery-operated by two AA batteries. The kit comes with an instruction manual, so you can build one of four ideas like a cat, teddy bear, squirrel, and mouse house, while the interchangeable pieces encourage endless imagination.

Creatto Starlight Kitty

My daughter chose to build the squirrel. The manual states 20-30 minutes of build time per project. However, it took about an hour to assemble. My daughter had given up after the first five minutes as it was too difficult for her to assemble. Admittedly I was frustrated as the manual didn’t make much sense on how the pieces were supposed to go together. Plus the interlocking plastic pieces were hard to get together making it quite cumbersome.

Creatto Starlight Kitty

Creatto Starlight KittyI made a promise to my daughter to finish this Creatto Squirrel Puzzle, and I wasn’t giving up. The box is labeled for ages eight and up, but it is clearly for an older demographic.

I turned to Google to search on how to build this squirrel puzzle when l came across a YouTube video showing the steps one by one. After an hour in a half, we finally completed the masterpiece and all that was left was to insert the batteries.

Overall, my daughter is very pleased with her squirrel, which she uses as a night light. I love the concept of creating a 4D object that can be made into any design you want. It certainly offers creativity and a learning process all in one.

What will YOU create with Creatto?


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