Quarantine gift ideas

Quarantine Christmas Gift Ideas to cheer them

As the COVID-19 global pandemic drags on into 2021, the isolation caused by the continued lockdown hits hard, especially during the holiday season. If you have a loved one feeling trapped by isolation, then a socially inspired gift that you can use together, will no doubt provide the pick me up to make their holiday special. Here’s a list of our top quarantine Christmas gift ideas to cheer up your loved ones in isolation.


udemy Quarantine gift ideasOnline classes to take together

There’s nothing more satisfying than learning something new. When you’re also able to bounce ideas and discuss your newfound skills with a loved one, it’s even better. There are a number of online learning providers that offer courses as gifts, with the most popular being Udemy. If you’re already enrolled in a course that you think would make a great gift, you can do it with a single click right from your dashboard. There’s no shortage of courses, so pick one that you know they’ll enjoy and use this time in isolation to grow your skill sets together.

kindleRead the same eBooks

With the plethora of online communication mediums available, reading your favorite books can easily become a social affair. Why not grab an online Kindle Unlimited subscription for an isolated loved one, directly from Amazon? Once they have a subscription, take it upon yourselves to discuss your favorite genres and read the same book together. This turns isolated reading into a social affair, inspiring each other to read more so you can discuss that next exciting plot twist on next week’s call.

Spotify PremiumStream music together

Live music at bars and arenas is on temporary hold during the lockdown. Why not bring the tunes to them? With Spotify Premium, you’re able to not only listen to and add free music on any device but also connect and listen to a loved one. Gift a subscription and you can listen to a huge catalog of live performances on demand, in a virtual concert for just the two of you. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you’re jamming to the same tunes together.

Headspace app Quarantine gift ideasHelp your loved one find themselves

While a lockdown can seem quiet on the outside, a lot can be going on inside your loved ones’ minds. Help your loved one clear their mind through meditation with the Headspace app. Though this app is free to download, you will get the most benefits through a subscription. If you know someone who is particularly struggling with isolation during lockdown, talking to them should be your number one priority. However, meditation can help calm nerves and stress related anxiety.

Quarantine gift ideasTV Subscription

For many, having events canceled can be daunting. Why not purchase them a Roku or a Jetstream andriod box.  You can also gift a subscription to Netflix or Disney! It is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Netflix Party has quickly become a popular app that allows you to watch movies together.

Quarantine Christmas Gift IdeasCustom bandanas for when you can finally be together again


While a lockdown may seem that it is going to last forever, you have to remain positive.  When lockdown is over you will be able to receive that much-needed hug. Most states have made face masks mandatory while traveling in public spaces. Why not prepare yourself with any of the custom bandanas from Hoo-Rag? They have a wide range that would also make for an ideal Christmas gift.


These quarantine Christmas gift ideas will bring you closer despite the distance. We wish you a safe and Merry Christmas!


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